WHATS BROWN AND SOUNDS LIKE A BELL? I think the appropriate word for this dude is ninny…. UK based mail online MR. Justice Coleridge states that: Mothers who refuse to let separated fathers see their children should have them taken away, a senior family court judge said yesterday. The children should be handed over to… Read More DUNG


Once again this last Thursday, American Mothers Political Party Blogtalk Radio Show knocked one out of the park! The hour long show provided information on important information about family court that included the meaning of ex-parte hearings and the inner workings of the judiciary office.  Co-hosts, Claudine Dombrowski and Lorraine Tipton, who each still live… Read More REVOLUTION

HOLY S***!

OCONTO COUNTY FINALLY DOES THEIR JOB!   UPDATE!! http://www.wbay.com/story/15730815/2011/10/19/judge-sentences-randall-staeven-to-life-in-prison Updated: Oct 19, 2011 5:21 PM CDT http://www.wbay.com/global/video/flash/widgets/WNVideoCanvas2.swf?ver=201110150734 http://ad.doubleclick.net/adi/wn.loc.wbay/news;sz=180×150;wnsz=20;tile=6;wncc=News;wnpt=S;wnpc=story;wncp=WBAY;wncid=15730815;wnad85=wbay;wnad44=worldnow;wnad41=wbay;wnad43=wbay;wnad52=wbay;wnad1=wbay;wnad20=wbay;wnad49=worldnow;apptype=platform;env=production;ord=44194303? By Marcie Kobriger An Oconto County man is sentenced to life behind bars with no chance for parole for murdering his estranged wife then setting their home on fire while three children slept inside. Randall Staeven, 52, of… Read More HOLY S***!


Please look at WHO is getting the grants, and look at the bar chart below — in 2009, suddenly, it’s Zero.” (OR data not in yet?). . . . I know some of these groups. Others I don’t.  They’re doing training and web-based webinars, conferences, etc. They are not STREET-level help, and this is the… Read More THE TERMINATOR


The days of the good ol’ boys club is drawing near. The below video is just the beginning of all of us mothers who are networking and building our own empire built on love, understanding and JUSTICE FOR ALL!