While I appreciate that Oconto County et al is still watching this blog it never ceases to amaze me that CPS worker is so concerened about her name and posts about CPS workers LYING on their reports. . . right Carrie?     Yes my child has a voice and it’s very strong for being… Read More THE PAYBACK


Rights for Mothers | Resources and Support for Noncustodial and Custodially-Challenged Mothers. Tonight a letter will be coming your way, detailing the miscarriage of justice that this Topeka mother and daughter has endured in Kansas courts.  Please consider carefully how best you can help.  Claudine has been a strong voice for battered and abused mothers,… Read More JUST US


(KS) Dr. Dale and Pedophile Dr. Gardner: Similarities Engaged Please see last post about the GREAT Kansas Dr. Milfred “Bud” Dale. Kansas Court Whore Dr. Milfred “Dale” Bud Here is the force  mommy  Evaluation from Dr. Dale Evaluation forcing mother to not complain about sexual and physical abuse- it’s confrontational, and if mommy wants to see… Read More TWO OF A KIND