American Mothers Political Party Blogtalk Radio Show Call-in Number: (347) 205-9977 7/22/10 @6pm EST Mothers across the world are uniting to expose the criminals of family court. We demand justice and equality within the system. We will discuss the impact that Responsible Fatherhood Initiatives have done to Motherhood. We will share what we have… Read More THE WINDS OF CHANGE


We are coming President and Mrs. Obama…..will you listen? Two rallies in one month regarding children being placed into the hands of their abusers and/or their Mothers abusers. What does this say to our President as he was presented last week with a silent vigil on Mothers Day. We are coming Mr. President…..will you listen?????… Read More CALLING ALL ANGELS


Judge Briese of Florida continues to abuse his powers and keep a loving mother and her children apart. Press Release April 19, 2010 Judge Holds Mother in Contempt; Refuses to Hold Scheduled Custody Hearing Daytona Beach – A mother who has been separated from her children for more than three years was denied a hearing… Read More JUST US SYSTEM


(KS) Dr. Dale and Pedophile Dr. Gardner: Similarities Engaged Please see last post about the GREAT Kansas Dr. Milfred “Bud” Dale. Kansas Court Whore Dr. Milfred “Dale” Bud Here is the force  mommy  Evaluation from Dr. Dale Evaluation forcing mother to not complain about sexual and physical abuse- it’s confrontational, and if mommy wants to see… Read More TWO OF A KIND