(KS) Dr. Dale and Pedophile Dr. Gardner: Similarities Engaged Please see last post about the GREAT Kansas Dr. Milfred “Bud” Dale. Kansas Court Whore Dr. Milfred “Dale” Bud Here is the force  mommy  Evaluation from Dr. Dale Evaluation forcing mother to not complain about sexual and physical abuse- it’s confrontational, and if mommy wants to see… Read More TWO OF A KIND

OH BABY BABY Another Parental Alienation Syndrome Article Bites the Dust: Mom Logic Takes Down it’s Shameful Post Filed under: Activism, American Psychological Association, Best interest of the child, Child Custody, Child Custody Battle, Child Custody Issues, Child Custody Mediation, Child Custody for mothers, Child custody for fathers, Children’s rights, Corrupt bastards, Custody Evaluators, DSM-V, Divorce, Domestic Abuse,… Read More OH BABY BABY


“The truth is the engine of our judicial system, and if you compromise the truth, the whole process is lost.” – US SpecialProsecutor Patrick Fitzgerald Suicide Dr. Richard Gardner’s Complete Autopsy Report Dr. Richard Gardner, M.D. born April 28, 1931 Committed Suicide May 25, 2003 “CAUSE OF DEATH: Incised wounds of chest and neck.” Allow… Read More PATHETIC FOOTNOTE


I heard in certain circles of Parental Alienation Syndrome (a.k.a PAS) pushers this Friday on ABC 20/20 they will have a equal view on the pseudo scientific theory invented by the late Dr. Richard Gardner.  According to the grapevine the show will feature Dr. Richard Warshak during the first hour. It is important to know… Read More 20/20 EQUAL VISION