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Parent Alienation Awareness Day

If a group of pedophiles and abusers named their cause, “Abusers Awareness Day”, no one would help champion their goals.

There needs to be a little bit of propaganda to blanket their true goals.

Richard Gardner gave them that blanket by promoting ideas that society should punish those to speak against abuse as, “sick” and “requiring therapy”. He coined the term, “Parental Alienation Syndrome”. Appalled by the pro-pedophile material that was circulated on a large scale, researchers on child abuse and family violence worked even harder to debunk this content and for many years it has been frequently rejected by the American Psychology Association as a Syndrome. Regardless of the theory being discredited, it has still been used on court cases all over the world including a case where it was a defense for a brutal murder of a mother. Some backyard psychologists have even held workshops about, “Maternal Gate-keeping” and others have promoted theories such as, “Malicious Mother Syndrome”.

Whilst in most debates, we all amicably prefer to keep things gender neutral apart from where one gender is being targeted in a way no different to the apartheid in Africa, the slavery towards African Americans and of course the stolen generation of aboriginal children. Whilst the use of parental alienation syndrome appears to be one of those gender neutral terms, the literature and statistics of court cases where the reversal of custody cases involving abuse allegations suggests that the number one target is the mother. Enmeshed with child abuse cases are often intimate partner terrorism, mostly perpetrated by fathers and a deep lack of community support towards mothers who try against many odds to protect their children from further abuse and exposure to violence. The superficial surface of parent alienation suggests that their goal is to stop “false accusers” despite statistics stating over and over again that false accusers are a minority of cases and in fact most of the false allegations are use by fathers. Empirical research has defined this as part of a series of behaviors that follow the intervention of a intimate partner terrorism relationship. This is where the real problem lies, with little support thanks to the erosion of domestic violence and child protection services, mothers experiencing false accusations towards them have drifted unknowingly towards the movement that is solely there to continue these abuses against her and the children.

Supporters of this theory have even gone as far as promoting it as a form of child abuse and sadly many court cases involving child abuse and intimate partner terrorism with evidence are treated as alienation resulting with the child being transferred to the abuser. The influence of this theory has been so great that other aspects of the system where the perpetrator could be convicted are thwarted.

Whilst Parental Alienation attracts pedophile lobbyists, batterers and abusers, they also attract mistaken victims. These victims are in turn used to become the front of the organisations eliminating the promotion of any true need for children and victims of violence and appear as though they are gender inclusive. The laws, case statistics and culture of the courts are a true reflection of the backyard psych therapists and abuse excuser’s causes. Some organisations are obvious in their agenda, whilst others confuse the situation.

Given the clusters of abusers that are attracted to the cause, it is important to encourage police abuse units to investigate the members of these groups as they do with pedophile rings. This could help stop abuse occurring. Other things that can be done is reporting professionals who use the theory as a form of diagnosis to psychologist registers, law bars and social worker accreditation organisations. The use of junk science destroys the credibility of professionals who do not practice backyard therapies and such reports are welcomed to peak bodies. By alerting other parents of the dangers of these organisations, parents can then become aware of the potential risks they could expose the children to by engaging with potential abusers activities and prevent abuse from occurring.

Here are a list of confirmed pedophile organisations that promote Parent Alienation:

Whore of the court Dr. Amy J. Baker has sent greetings and tidings of the coming year and how her and her colleagues intend to milk money from the government and unsuspecting parents in family court. Here is her spiel straight from the court whore:

Seasons Greetings,

I hope this message finds you well. I am writing to share a brief
end-of-year update on various parental alienation projects.

1) “I don’t want to choose” book and workbook were developed with Dr.Katherine Andre, designed to help middle school children resist the pressure to choose one parent over the other.

2) A school-based program “I don’t want to choose” was developed and will be launched in half a dozen schools this school year.

3) Media attention to custody battles, international abductions, and parental alienation has been high this past year including personal appearances on WABC TV, WPIX TV, Good Morning America, and in U.S.  News and World Report. Most of the clips can be viewed from mywebsite.

4) I have been hired to train New York child protection workers about parental alienation and to help develop the North Dakota custody investigation manual.

5) I have been invited to participate in a plenary panel discussion

about parental alienation at the upcoming Association of Family and Conciliation Courts conference in Denver.

I hope that the new year brings targeted parents everywhere closer to

their children and that as a professional in the field I can shed some

light on this tragic problem and help heal alienated children and

their families.

Best Wishes,

Amy J.L. Baker, Ph.D.

For those of you who do not know the AFCC read about it here

or here

I almost feel sorry for the mens and fathers groups that cling to these whores of the court, AFCC  and others that seek to milk off the teat. You do realize they only seek your money as well as federal grants?

If they only knew how they were being used as pawns in a sick and twisted game of corruption.

Just remember you reap what you sow.