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While I appreciate that Oconto County et al is still watching this blog it never ceases to amaze me that CPS worker is so concerened about her name and posts about CPS workers LYING on their reports. . . right Carrie?




Yes my child has a voice and it’s very strong for being almost 15 years old. Since you don’t know how to do your jobs and hang around googling your names and searching this blog for info; here’s a little ditty for ya.  The following is a piece of poetry my daughter wrote.  She continually tells “mandated reporters” at her school about her home life with her father.  Don’t you think it’s high time you did your job?  I know my child thinks so and so do I.

Dedicated to CPS worker, Carrie Silbernagel-Burke and Oconto and Brown County Child Protection Agency




I go to school pretending

everything is fine

I say “I’m okay”
I can’t believe I still stick with that line.

I pretend I didn’t go through

a “father abusing me phase; life had a lot to face.

I don’t want anyones sorrows or

their pity.

Yeah, I know it’s not all that shitty

That’s what you’ll say.

I want him to pay, pay for

everytime he would hit me.

All I would say is that

I miss my mom.

Is that so wrong?

I just want him to go away.

He  causes me so much pain, physical pain.

Am I the one to blame?

Don’t feel sorry for me

And don’t forget my NAME

by M.M.H. (you know who I am)



I’ve seen a number of boisterous and inaniloquent things over the years, but Bill Windsor’s smear tactics really take the cake. Please note that many of the conclusions I’m about to draw are based on cogent and virtually incontrovertible evidence provided by a set of people who have suffered immensely on account of Windsor. Whatever he claims to the contrary, Windsor criticizes AMPP for giving our mothers an instrument that is very much needed at this time,  A VOICE.

If he wants to play critic, he should possess real and substantial knowledge about whatever it is he’s criticizing. He shouldn’t simply assume that it’s okay to wage a clandestine guerilla war against many basic human rights. While I trust that this audience shares my indignation at him, the ultimate aim of his theories is to restructure society as a pyramid with Windsor at the top, Windsor’s patsies directly underneath, sullen recidivists (especially the intellectually challenged type) beneath them, and the rest of at the bottom. This new societal structure will enable Windsor to rescue animalism from the rubbish heap of history, dust it off, slap on a coat of cheap sophistry, and market it as new and improved, which makes me realize that he keeps saying that he can galvanize a savage hysteria, a large-scale version of the malevolent mentality that can rifle, pillage, plunder, and loot, and get away with it. Isn’t that claim getting a little shopworn? I mean, I must part company with many of my peers when it comes to understanding why your support of my announcements is an ideal way to tell fatuous fomenters of revolution just what you think of their nonsense. My peers claim that truth, for him, is whatever he happens to be saying at the time. While this is indeed true, I warrant we must add that his belief is that we should cease to talk about  objectives such as human rights, and democratization. Instead, we should be devising increasingly misinformed ways to hold annual private conferences in which querulous swindlers are invited to present their “research”. That’s Windsor’s opinion. My opinion is that a day without Windsor would be like a day without hectoring hedonism. For proof of this fact I must point out that Windsor possesses no significant intellectual skills whatsoever and has no interest in erudition. Heck, he can’t even spell or define “erudition”, much less achieve it.

Considering the corruption and foolishness that characterize hotheaded, closed-minded champions of deceit, lies, theft, plunder, and rapine, Windsor’s groupies all look like Windsor, think like Windsor, act like Windsor, and jawbone aimlessly, just like Windsor does. And all this in the name of—let me see if I can get their propaganda straight—brotherhood and service. Ha! We need to keep our eyes on him. Otherwise, he’ll keep us everlastingly ill at ease by next weekend. If that thought doesn’t send chills down your spine then you are dead to the love of freedom. The rest of us are concerned that Windsor does not tolerate any view that differs from his own. Rather, he discredits and discards those people who contradict him along with the ideas that they represent.

I can’t follow Windsor’s pretzel logic. I do, however, know that he can get away with lies because the average person cannot imagine anyone lying so brazenly. Not one person in a hundred will actually check out the facts for himself and discover that Windsor is lying. He would have us believe that the peak of fashion is to promote a culture of dependency and failure. Such flummery can be quickly dissipated merely by skimming a few random pages from anygoogle search of him.

This is not the first time I’ve wanted to shelter initially unpopular truths from suppression, enabling them to ultimately win out through rumors and innuedoes. But it is the first time I realized that it’s easy for armchair philosophers to theorize about him and about hypothetical solutions to our Windsor problem. It’s an entirely more difficult matter, however, when one considers that if you think that he knows 100% of everything 100% of the time, then think again. Windsor is trying to cause people to betray one another and hate one another. His mission? To put disloyal thoughts in everyones minds. I am not going to go into too great a detail about refractory bigamists, but be assured that he always cavils at my attempts to address the continued social injustice shown by anti-democratic, sappy smatchets. That’s probably because I can reword my point as follows. Windsor’s stooges seem to be caught up in their need for enemies.

I don’t care what others say about Windsor. He’s still lascivious, besotted, and he intends to poke and pry into every facet of our lives. His squadristi are too indolent to help people break free of his cycle of oppression, at least insofar as this essay is concerned. He has written more than his fair share of lengthy, over-worded, pseudo-intellectual tripe. In all such instances Windsor conveniently overlooks the fact that you should be able to live your life the way you want to live it. You shouldn’t have to live in fear of Windsor forcing me to die in oppression, chaos, and despair.

I find that I am embarrassed. I am embarrassed that some people don’t realize that we ought to champion battered mothers against the evil of Bill Windsor. That’ll make Windsor think once—I would have said “twice”, but I don’t see any indication that he has previously given any thought to the matter—before muting the voice of anyone who dares to speak out against him. The few simple-minded sciolists who deny this are not only wrong, they are willfully conniving. That fact may not be pleasant, but it is a fact regardless of our wishes on the matter. Wherever laughable pissants are seen coordinating a revolution, Windsor is there. Wherever goofy, spineless pests are found tossing sops to the egos of the haughty, Windsor is lurking nearby. Wherever hubristic crumbums are observed using both overt and covert deceptions to sacrifice our essential liberties on the altar of political horse-trading, Windsor will no doubt be in the vicinity. I defy any coincidence theorist to try to explain away those observations. Clearly, Windsor avers that our elected officials should be available for purchase by special-interest groups. As you can no doubt determine from comments like that, facts and Bill Windsor are like oil and water.

Quite simply, Windsor promotes a victimization hierarchy. He and his famuli appear at the top of the hierarchy, naturally, and therefore suspect that they deserve to be given more money, support, power, etc. than anyone else. Other groups, depending on Windsor’s view of them, are further down the list. At the bottom are those of us who realize that we and Windsor indisputably need to call a truce on our arguments over priggism. Unfortunately, Windsor will refuse to accept any such truce, as his whole raison d’être is to promote priggism in all its biggety forms.

Everything I’ve said so far is by way of introduction to the key point I want to make in this post. My key point is that there’s only one true drama queen around here, and Windsor is the one wearing the crown. It may seem obvious, but Windsor’s hypocrisy is transparent. Even the least discerning among us can see right through it. Windsor is not only immoral but amoral.

If Windsor manages to nurture the seeds of our eventual destruction so that they grow like a rapidly malignant mutant form of kudzu. He knows how to lie. It’s too bad he doesn’t yet understand the ramifications of lying. As Windsor matures emotionally he’ll eventually grow out of his present way of thinking and come to realize that the time is always right to do what is right. That’s why we must decidedly anneal discourse with honesty, clear thinking, and a sense of moral good. The first step in that process is to realize that every time he gets caught trying to prepare the ground for an ever-more vicious and brutal campaign of terror, he promises he’ll never do so again. Subsequently, his winged monkeys always jump in and explain that he really shouldn’t be blamed even if he does because, as they think, a knowledge of correct diction, even if unused, evinces a superiority that covers cowardice or stupidity.

Whenever I ponder over the meanings and implications of Windsor’s self-absorbed “cause”, I feel little peace. But there is a further-reaching implication: I’d advise him to stop being so demented. Please re-read and memorize that sentence if you still believe that censorship could benefit us. According to some data Windsor claims to have, just about everyone wants him to obliterate our sense of identity. Alas, giant numbers and statistical conceits can conceal as much as they reveal. The reality is that Windsor has never been a big fan of freedom of speech.  I propose that the knowledgeable and well-trained leaders and/or experts on batterd women, equip them with syllabi filled with challenging texts and materials, and have them support the fact that Windsor constantly insists that coercion in the name of liberty is a valid use of state power.

But he contradicts himself when he says that his phalanx of psychotic fruitcakes is looking out for our best interests. As a closing statement, let me emphasize that we have no choice but to make Bill Windsor answer for his wrongdoings. The time to act is now. Do not underestimate the power of a bunch of women who have been through hell and know the route.


RE-VICTIMIZING OVER AND OVER AGAIN. All together now…”The wheels of ABUSE go round and round”

Originally posted on we hunted the mammoth:

[TRIGGER WARNING for picture of brutalized woman]

If you want to show someone what sort of website A Voice for Men is, have them look at the following screenshot, which I’m putting below the jump because it may well trigger some readers in its depiction of the effects of domestic violence on women:

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Reddit Ugly: MRAs and others argue that a man allegedly wronged in divorce court should turn to murder « man boobz.


So there was a bit of ugliness over on the Men’s Rights subreddit the other day. No, scratch that; there was a giant explosion of ugliness.

A couple of days ago, you see, a Redditor with a nine-day-old account posted a story to r/menrights detailing the alleged ill-treatment he’d gotten at the hands of a vengeful ex-wife and an unsympathetic family court system. The story was filled with literally unbelievable details – among other things, he claimed to have been rendered homeless by the demands of the court, forced to pay $1000 a month in spousal support to his ex though she had a $60,000 a year job. Some commenters challenged the veracity of the tale – while the OP gave a case number in his post, no one has been able to find evidence that a case with that number actually exists. (The OP has not responded to the skeptics.)

NEW INFO: Marine Corporal Accused Of Killing Ex’s Teenage Sister.

Deputies now say a 15-year-old girl was trying to defend her sister from her ex-boyfriend when she was killed.

Onslow County deputies responded to 165 Weatherington Road at approximately 6:30 p.m. Saturday, to an apparent domestic dispute between Shermetryce Grasty and her estranged boyfriend, Corporal Pernell Jones. Grasty called 911 to alert law enforcement that Jones was coming to her home.

Authorities say once Jones arrived, violence broke out. Deputies say Grasty’s 15-year-old sister was stabbed in the stomach and shot in the chest. Anita Law was pronounced dead at the hospital.

Onslow County Deputy Todd McCallister arrested Jones after he crashed his vehicle trying to run from the house. The Marine went before a judge this morning and he’s being held without bond.

Jones is stationed at Camp Lejeune and is in the Marine Corps Engineer’s School. Officials say his program of study is an ammo technician.

Police: Child custody dispute leads to shotgun murder | Local & Regional News | Bakersfield Now – News, Weather and Sports.


Custody “disputes” are deadly FYI!!!

There seems to be some confusion in Shawnee County Kansas and most recently Warren County Kentucky the owners/authors/journalists of blogs that have exposed the dirty little secret of the family court system.  It would seem that these counties are hellbent on accusing and/or jailing Mothers of exposing their corruption, collusion and cronyism.  Mothers that have navigated the gauntlet of family court and then subsequently having their children kidnapped these courts have accused them of ….GASP….talking about their case online!  The HORROR!!  How dare a American citizen question the authority of the court system and their judges, Court Whore….GALs, Court Whore…psychologists..etc… get the picture.  These family court whores in Shawnee County have brought in so called experts that stated in court that various screen shots of posts on blogs, facebook etc. was placed their by Claudine Dombrowski.  Now let me educate the cyber-stalking court whores like Don and Jason Hoffman, Jill M. Dykes who troll here regularly.

Let me make this clear….


We have a right as a US citizen to speak….FYI

The point of all of this is not just the blatant First Amendment Violations but the FACTS are that there is NO way that court whore Debenham can obviously conclude that Claudine Dombrowski posted anything subsequently from her hearing in January. In fact to me it sounds more and more like someone deep within the corrupted Shawnee County courthouse with access to certain records set her up.

Dumbass Debenham has NO evidence whatsoever except for a bunch of egotistical, insignificant humans trolls  that google themselves and other various terms to find out if any information is posted.  But here is the thick of it….ANYONE can say they are ANYONE online….its done on a daily basis.  People imitate celebrities or other characters….or even Claudine Dombrowski. No you are going to pin ALL these posts on the internet by ONE woman?  You really don’t have a clue nor do you want to have a clue how the INTERNET actually works.  But the real point is the human rights violations of keeping a mother from her child and forcing her into silence and submission.  Every last criminal that kept this mother and child separated know that you will answer to your demons when they drag you to hell for your actions, that is one thing you can be sure of.

So I ask now…will the REAL Claudine Dombrowksi please stand up…..she already has.



Contact:  AMPP Chairperson

American Mothers Political Party

Phone: (657) 549-2677


Web Site:

First Amendment Violations in Warren County Kentucky Courtroom

The truth is heavy; therefore few care to carry it

October 17, 2010 National USA –First Amendment violations and other illegal and unethical maneuvers in Warren County Kentucky.  American Mothers Political Party has announced they will stand up for those in Warren County Kentucky that have been unconstitutionally gagged by the family courts.

Kimberly Harris is preparing to be sent to jail on October 19, 2010 as she is being accused of speaking out about her horrific nightmare with Warren County government officials. The Warren County Kentucky Judge, Catherine Rice-Holderfield, has threatened Mrs.Harris not to speaking publicly regarding her son being placed into the foster care system by the juge. The corruption, illegal maneuvers of this unconstitutional activity came to the attention of AMPP in early October.  Frightened supporters knew that they could not in good conscience submit to the intimidation as Rice-Holderfield threatened to also jail the supporters for speaking out.

Warren County officials have become hostile due to the highly publicized blogging and/or expressing the outrage about this severe case of judicial abuse and impropriety, basic fundamental rights are in peril.  Many supporters have been warned that Bowling Green PD and DHS workers are questioning and harassing individuals regarding blog posts made, including the 14 year old girlfriend of the child abuse victim.

The 15 year old son of Mrs. Harris was brutally beaten by his father and was subsequently placed in foster care by Rice-Holderfield.  The child victim asked that his story be made public before he was taken into foster care.  This young man has stated that he wants to be home in the safe loving arms of his mother, Kimberly, and that very wish is disappearing by the same officials sworn to protect and serve their community and its most vulnerable citizens.

Over the past decade, family court judges routinely have uttered broader and broader gag orders, forbidding parents in custody battles from talking or writing about their cases. The pretext for these orders is that they are needed for the protection of the child.

It’s suspected they are prompted by humiliated officials who dislike scrutiny and criticism by internet bloggers in the wake of escalating out-of-control shoot-from-the-hip “therapeutic jurisprudence” in the family courts. The stated child protection rationale is specious because defamation, obscenity, violations of privacy, harassment, and other unprotected speech appropriately are addressed by the law after the fact when actual or potentially harmful speech can be specifically identified.

These orders are illegal under the First Amendment as violations of the constitutional prohibition against prior restraint. Now one mother, Faith Torres, has contacted the American Civil Liberties Union because of a gag order entered in her case by Judge Debra DeSegna in Providence, Rhode Island, July 29, at the request of the Rhode Island Department of Children, Youth and Families. Steven Brown, executive director of the ACLU’s Rhode Island affiliate, called the order a “blatant violation of the First Amendment.”

We implore the Kentucky ACLU affiliate , media outlets and the general public to look closely at this case and assist those in need of being stripped of their right to speak freely.

AMPP is a social movement seeking justice and accountability within the family court system which includes DHHS/CPS, psychologists and other so called experts. We as mothers demand CITIZENSHIP and our Rights to our Children. We demand that our children not be used as pawns by our abuser in a custody dispute. We demand that Mothers and Children be equally protected against court ordered visitation with an abuser. We demand that Mothers and Children be given the same rights, privileges and voice that the abuser gets in family courts.

For more information see below:

Face Book Page “Stop The Abuse of Christian Coffey”

# # #

AMPP Stands Behind Christian Coffey HIS Mother and All Their Supporters!

Please visit the following links for the incredible in-justice being done and the ILLEGAL actions of the Court and Child Welfare Services in Kentucky.

Face Book Page “Stop The Abuse of Christian Coffey”

VIDEO HERE: Corrupt Judge Catherine Rice Holderfild  “Stop the Abuse of Christian Coffey” Bowling Green, Kentucky

Kentucky Judge Rice-Holderfield Court Whore Exposing the dirty little secrets of family court.


Two hours of questioning of a minor child regarding the ownership of this blogs and many more is really showing how desperate this Judge court whore has become.

Rice-Holderfield sent out her goons today to many persons homes, including Miss Kentucky International Elaine Bateman.  What has become of the justice system that they are hell bent on jailing a mother for others taking the stance on this injustice?!

We hope you are proud of yourself by intimidating a child into submission, falsely accusing her of blogging the TRUTH…CPS worker Sheila and Police Officer Blevins. There is a special little place in hell for those who fail to protect and serve….not sure which level…I will have to get back to you on that.  In the meantime I suggest you do some reading….

In this provocative and well-researched book, Margaret Hagen, Ph.D, reveals how expert psychological testimony is a total fraud, showing how the courts have increasingly embraced not a cutting-edge science but, instead, a discipline that represents a terrifying retreat into fantasy and hearsay; a discipline propelled by powerful propaganda, arrogance, and greed.

You want to know who runs this blog…get a warrant…think you can haul anyone to Kensucky for an alleged felony class D….TRY ME…..we are waiting…and we still are not shutting up.

What kind of country are we living in where the authorities protect a person who beats a child and non-abusers and victims are threatened and harassed. We cannot let this go on.


Freedom of speech is protected in the First Amendment of the Bill of Rights and is guaranteed to all Americans.


Just when you think you have left an abusive relationship enter the family court judge. In Kentucky there is one such judge (court whore) that loves to hand out punishment to all but especially mothers and children.

As I researched the Honorable Judge Catherine Rice-Holderfield it gave me more insight to how this court whore ticks and how she got into the position she was appointed not voted into.

According to is where I found the interesting comments that Rice-Holderfield made in regards to her experience with family court matters.

Rice-Holderfield states, My parents divorced when I was a teenager. Being a child of divorce gives me a special perspective on how deeply this family tragedy affects children. I also could see how my parents struggled with custody, division of their property and debts, and with providing financial support. When my children were very young, their father and I divorced, very amicably, and I faced balancing management of my sole law practice with being a single parent, while always making sure my children were the focus of my attention. These are priorities I also keep now, and which I stress to persons in family court

First of all, just because your parents divorced and you divorced amicably does NOT mean you have all knowing experience in family court. Her special perspective is askew to the point that hypocrisy doesn’t even apply to her method of madness. Especially now when Kimberly Harris is facing judicial retaliation on October 19th for absolutely nothing. In what can only be described as judicial abuse and retaliation Rice-Holderfield has threatened jail for Kimberly Harris and her supporters for speaking about her judicial abuse online.

So to make this all clear, Rice-Holderfield is upset because American citizens have exposed her dirty little secrets? With the information I have gleaned from the www there is much more to expose about this Kentucky court whore.

First thing I did was check with the Constitution and it still says:

Amendment 1 – Freedom of Religion, Press, Expression. Ratified 12/16/1791

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.


redress v. 1. To set right, remedy or rectify. 2. To make amends for. n. 1. Satisfaction for wrong done; reparation. 2. Correction. [redresser.]

This is a redress and you should duly note it.

The absurdity and contradictions continue at They pose the question to Rice-Holderfield,

What issues, if any, are important to improve family court?

I believe I’m serving the community very well in family court. I treat every participant equally, fairly, with dignity and respect. I’m always striving toward greater efficiency in managing my large caseload, and to save money and time for the people in my court. I put the focus on the children whose entire lives will be affected by the decisions we make and the agreements we reach in family court. I try to put myself in the shoes of every person that comes into my courtroom, while applying the law to the facts presented to me.

Thankfully after I read this quote I didnt spew too hard onto my keyboard. After we heard about Kimberly Harris and her son we knew that this was insanity, we just didn’t anticipate the extent of it. Rice-Holderfield by her own admission is a product of divorce, she has been through divorce, she is a mother…but yet she is hellbent on jailing a mother who did nothing more than any mother would do to protect their child from abuse, it is blatantly apparent Rice-Holderfield doesn’t grasp that concept.

Sadly it doesn’t end there..the rest of the article here:

Family Court — Unconstitutional Judicial Gag Orders

Over the past decade, family court judges routinely have uttered broader and broader gag orders, forbidding parents in custody battles from talking or writing about their cases. The pretext for these orders is that they are needed for the protection of the child.  Nevertheless, it’s suspected that more often they are prompted by embarrassed officials who dislike scrutiny and criticism by internet bloggers in the wake of burgeoning out-of-control shoot-from-the-hip “therapeutic jurisprudence” in the family courts. The stated child protection rationale is specious because defamation, obscenity, violations of privacy, harassment, and other unprotected speech appropriately are addressed by the law after the fact when actual or potentially harmful speech can be specifically identified.

These orders are illegal under the First Amendment as violations of the constitutional prohibition against prior restraint. Now one mother, Faith Torres, has contacted the American Civil Liberties Union because of a gag order entered in her case by Judge Debra DeSegna in Providence, Rhode Island, July 29, at the request of the Rhode Island Department of Children, Youth and Families. Steven Brown, executive director of the ACLU’s Rhode Island affiliate, called the order a “blatant violation of the First Amendment.” Let’s see some federal lawsuits.

Rights for Mothers | Resources and Support for Noncustodial and Custodially-Challenged Mothers.

Tonight a letter will be coming your way, detailing the miscarriage of justice that this Topeka mother and daughter has endured in Kansas courts.  Please consider carefully how best you can help.  Claudine has been a strong voice for battered and abused mothers, having testified before State Rep Mike Kiegerl‘s (R-Olathe) Joint Committee on Children’s Issues in December 2009.

Claudine has been gagged, denied documents to her case, denied parenting time (AGAIN), and even had her phone confiscated from her.  She came to court with 67 violations of the last court order of daddy Hal Richardson keeping Rikki from seeing her mother.  I was in court with Claudine in January when the order was issued to finally allow visitation, and Judge David Debenham (Shawnee County Court, phone number (785) 233-8200 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting (785) 233-8200 end_of_the_skype_highlighting ext. 4203 ) looked Richardson in the eyes and pointed to him and told him he WILL follow the court’s order.  He didn’t, and the motion to find him in contempt was dismissed as soon as Claudine didn’t have all her supporters there.

Your constituents, the voters of Kansas, the mothers of Kansas must have your support.  Another is waiting in the wings to be stomped on in Wichita on Tuesday (Jones vs. Youngquist  Case no. 06-DM 3626).  A father, Shawn Jones, who allegedly sexually abused his young daughter, has kept the children from their mother, Tammy Youngquist.  She has not seen them in months.  This is the abuser’s way of punishing mothers, and courts gladly help.  Scientific studies show that children rarely lie about sexual abuse, yet child protection workers constantly disregard allegations if they come from children of a broken home.  WAKE UP AND REALIZE CHILDREN ARE IN PAIN HERE.  CHILDREN ARE BEING ABUSED AND CHILDREN ARE BEING RAPED AND KANSAS COURTS ARE HELPING THE PERPETRATORS.

This is from Earl Glynn, the Kansas Watchdog:

Claudine Dombrowski

Claudine Dombrowski:  An abused mom victimized again by the Kansas CourtsClaudine Dombrowski: An abused mom victimized again by the Kansas Courts

Read details in written statement.

This is an truly incredible story that should never have happened in America.

Parts of the Kansas Judicial system should be disciplined for how it has victimized Ms. Dombrowski, who was an abused mom.

Instead of quotes from the audio, please consult these pages that document Dombrowski’s long and difficult battle to protect her daughter:

As you view these photos keep in mind that the court awarded FULL CUSTODY of their daughter to the “man” who did this to Claudine.

State Rep Bill Otto: “No crime? You haven’t been guilty of anything? This is a court order that says you can’t go to any school functions?”

“I was under court order till 2004 to not even call the police after I was being beaten because … I was not ‘co-parenting’”

Dombrowski: “These friends of the court make recommendations to the judge. The parents … don’t have a right to see these documents. They do this behind closed doors.”

Otto: (To Secretary Jordan): “You have no rights as a parent …?”

Secretary Don Jordan: “This would be something extreme … I’m not familiar with the situation.”

Otto: “Can a judge do that? … Is that legal… ?”

Jordan: “Under the right circumstances … I hesitate to speculate.”

Sen. Roger Reitz: “This is something that only … the judicial system can really answer … It would be helpful … to have someone … representing the judicial system … to give us some ideas how this could happen.”

Dombrowski: “When you are a victim of domestic violence, and suddenly there’s a child involved, the typical …. power of control is that ‘I’ll take your children from you’. They will and they can the way the laws are setup.” …

“I was told that I’m not to talk to my daughter about the violence. That’s why I don’t see her. That’s why I see her supervised. He was criminally convicted. “

“When women try to get away from people who hurt them … I heard somebody say it’s really hard to believe you won’t call the police … I tell people not to contact the police, because as soon as you walk into court with a DV (domestic violence) and children, you’re already cutting your throat. You will lose your children. That’s the way it is right now.”

“… on the 16th of this month I’ll probably go to jail for breaking the gag order and talking about [being the victim of] violence as it relates to my case.”

Reitz: “… someone ought to be able to deal with this in a way that would address her problem. It doesn’t seem like we’ve done the right thing with regards to this little niche of the law.”

Dombrowski: “The criminal convictions are completely tossed aside and they don’t have any bearing on the family court … The eight criminal convictions that my ex had before getting custody of my daughter were completely dropped [in family court]“

Chair Kiegerl: “I cannot believe that abuse is totally ignored. I cannot believe you can prohibit a person from speaking about their own case.”

“The one thing [where] … I disagree with you is abuse should always be reported.”

State Rep Peggy Mast (R-Emporia): “Domestic violence is a control issue. Sexual abuse is a control issue. Is there any correlation between domestic violence and sexual abuse? Why is that not something that is considered when we take someone to [family] court that has a history of domestic violence?”

Dombrowski: “Yes. That is something I’ve asked myself for 16 years. … It comes back to the family court that has a veil of immunity. … They don’t fully understand the impact of the violence. What battered women have … if they report the abuse, then they’re failing to protect their child … if they don’t report the abuse, they’re still failing to protect their child. So, both ways, they’re going to lose their children …”

For anybody who abuses their wife … [from] a 1996 presidential task force … there is a 70% increase that those children will be abused and/or sexually abused after there’s been battery with the mother.

Sen. Oletha Faust-Goudea: “In 2004 …. I talked with the homicide department in Sedgwick County…. During that time there had been 21 homicides in Sedgwick County and 18 were due to domestic violence …”

“A lot of women do make those phone calls and unfortunately, sometimes it ends in their death.” …

“I want to apologize to you for being treated like a pedophile … not being able to go to a music concert.”

“I commend you for what you’re doing.”

Dombrowski: “I have not talked to my daughter in 10 years [except] for the confines of supervised visits. I’m not allowed to talk to her about anything. All she knows is what her dad has told her.”

See this video:  Abused Mom Wants Unsupervised Visits with Daughter

Others have indicated a desire to help.  I have uploaded the email addresses for the Kansas House here and the Kansas Senate here.  This is just the beginning.