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RE-VICTIMIZING OVER AND OVER AGAIN. All together now…”The wheels of ABUSE go round and round”

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[TRIGGER WARNING for picture of brutalized woman]

If you want to show someone what sort of website A Voice for Men is, have them look at the following screenshot, which I’m putting below the jump because it may well trigger some readers in its depiction of the effects of domestic violence on women:

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Claudine Dombrowski: The Hero’s, The Warrior’s: The ‘Survivors’ – October Domestic Violence ACTION Month.


‘Women and Children are top Priorities’ everyone ‘talks the talk.’  Still—no one holds these most evil of society’s criminals accountable – it’s just domestic violence, as they turn away from the realities of it every other day of the year. No one ‘walks the walk’ except those survivors turned advocate/activist. They are the true hero’s and warriors, shakers and World changers. They do it so that no one else will have to endure needlessly or die needlessly as so many already have.

This woman saved my life. When I was in a violent relationship I saw the particular story on Oprah. I recognized myself in these videos, trying had to be quiet to prevent his hands on me.  The judge who sentenced this abuser was emotional when describing what he saw in that video of Susan.  I wonder what did he see?  Did he realize that domestic violence is far more damaging of a crime than originally thought?  Do we really have the equal protection under law?  We as survivors of intimate partner violence have come a long way.  Just like Susan, I am a far cry from the subservient battered slave I once was.

If it were not for Susan and the countless other of survivors that have found their voice and share their story to the world to let us know, we are not alone, we are not crazy and you too can survive!  My work on this blog and elsewhere has led me down a path filled with love and empowerment.  My hope for the future is that all women will be protected as every human deserves.  Since we cannot eradicate “abuse” it is up to law enforcement and the judiciary to be well-informed and educated on the subject of domestic violence.  We have not only shattered that proverbial glass ceiling we are coming through it in masses.

You are not alone, your sisters are all around you, come find us!

In honor of Domestic Violence Awareness Month we want the world to know that we are here… we always have been.  It was only up until recently with the slap in the face against domestic violence survivors and victims in Topeka Kansas that our voices have only gotten louder.  We honor our fallen sisters who were not as lucky as we are to have survived a relationship.  We have faith in knowing they are guiding us as we preserve their memory.  Many are now gone but not forgotten, this is for you.

In the Month of October, the 24th National Domestic Violence Awareness Month– Topeka Legalizes Domestic Violence.  All Survivors and Victims every where have been thrown back into the dark ages.  Shame on Topeka for their ‘slap in the face’ to every victim nationwide.  Topeka Kansas is now– the abuser.
This will set a bad precedence through the nation.  One that will have deadly ripple effects.  Myself and other advocates and the three Councilpersons who voted against repealing and legalizing Domestic Violence engaged in a tense hour and half with dialogue with the rest of the Council and especially Dan Stanley Interim City Manger. 
 I tip my hat to these three Council members who were ‘bullied’ by the rest of the council’s self serving needs on the ‘backs of Domestic Violence Victims
Those who opposed in the final vote were: (please lend to them your support and thanks)

  • Denise Everhart
  • Richard Harmon
  • Larry Wolgast 
    The City Council members who sold out Victims of Violence: (and need to be voted out)
    Dan Stanley- Interim City Manager
    Mayor Bill Bunton

    • Karen Hiller
    • John Alcala,Deputy Mayor
    • Sylvia Ortiz 
    • Chad Manspeaker
    • Bob Archer
    • Andrew Gray
    The Councils email address and contact numbers are here:
    And to those I say:

     The seven Topeka City Council and District Attorney, Chad Taylor’s, off-the-cuff comments have a distinctly shrewish tone.  If you disagree with my claim that it can plausibly be surmised that these stooges compress their traducements into brief, highly reductive, definitive-sounding phrases, easily memorized and easily expressed, then read no further.  The Topeka City Council doesn’t simply want people to believe that “metanarratives” are the root of tyranny, lawlessness, overpopulation, racial hatred, world hunger, disease, and rank stupidity.  It wants this belief drummed into people’s heads from birth.  It wants it to be accepted as an axiom, an assumed part of the nature of reality.  Only then will the Topeka City Council truly be able to get away with twisting the truth.  In a Topeka City Council-led society, people who educate the public on a range of issues will be suppressed, vilified, hated, imprisoned, exiled, and killed.  From this anecdotal evidence I would argue that if a cogent, logical argument entered their brains, no doubt a concussion would result.  Once you begin to see the light you’ll realize that Topeka sees the world as somewhat anarchic, a game of catch-as-catch-can in which the sneakiest skivers nab the biggest prizes.You might not care that my message has always been that by supporting stupid, incontinent mountebanks with inferior moral standards, we devalue ourselves, the lives of our children, and the heroes who died for our freedoms, but you’d better start caring if you don’t want the Topeka City Council or District attorney to regiment the public mind as much as an army regiments the bodies of its soldiers.  Emotionalism is a plague upon us all, a pox that will likely not be erased in the lifetime of any reader of this blog.  To Topeka City Council, however, it’s merely a convenient mechanism for crushing any semblance of opposition to its filthy, combative apothegms.  The baneful nature of Topeka’s fulminations is not just a rumor.  It is a fact to which I can testify.It would seem the seven Topeka City Councilpersons have been working for years to create a faux moral and ideological climate in which cranky leeches can provide cover for a contumelious, anti-humanist agenda.And that’s all I have to say.  For now…


Take my child away, abuse me, take away my freedom of speech…NOT ON MY WATCH!

Lets catch everyone up here….here we are in 2010 and Shawnee County and Judge Debenham continue their obstruction of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  When our forefathers came up with the idea of truth…WE ALSO hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men/women are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights.

When entering family court they do not hold these truths but base their business on lies, corruption, collusion and cronyism.  They do not treat anyone equal, especially if you are a domestic abuse survivor.  We have seen these crimes, we have proof by way of transcripts, we have witnesses to the actions and we are making sure that no survivors nightmare with family court is silenced by those who meant to conceal their injustices, lies and bias.

This week we saw DIS-honarable Judge David Debenham spin his twisted head into a knot…not to mention GAL for this case psycho Jill M. Dykes and Attorney/Bitch  Jason Hoffman.  This judge court whore Debenham took posters for a DV rally at the capital.  Anyone could see he was punishing Claudine for allegedly speaking out, another First Amendement violation by the way.

But more interesting enough Debenham placine blame on her for placing a report from Roedheffer the PSYCHO-ologist in the case, online.  He states in court that he believes there is no other conclusion than it was Ms. Dombrowski who put it on the world wide web.  But no consideration that she was possibly set up by those that mean to do her harm?  No!  Especially since Claudine was not even allowed access to report…. but the others did!  Given the fact that Claudine was previously posting on the corruption of the court he based his conclusion on that alone… without proof or concrete evidence that SHE was the one that posted that report.  What about the expert Kimberly Ridgeway who stated incorrectly about posting on facebook.  Where is the proof?

No other conclusion????  Not even with a unprofessional GAL who told Claudine after she lunged for her and Dykes said she would make sure she NEVER sees her daughter again.  Screaming and shrieking through the halls of Shawnee Courthouse!  Not EVEN when the GAL has her husband contact Claudine on a PRIVATE number that cannot be googled??  Making threatening remarks about him taking care of the issue of his wife’s licentious and laughable behavior.  Unconscionable!  Amoral! Barbarous! Criminal! Dishonest! Unethical! Sneaky! Wicked!

So they claim that Claudine Dombrowski is everywhere…posting this….posting that….posting on her facebook page…CYBERSTALKING HER or was it HER???  But not only is it a crime in Debenhams court to criticize him on a blog or website but also for others….the WWW its a tool to use against her to not allow her to be a Mother to HER child.  I assure all of the idiots from Shawnee County right now that WE are everywhere…Claudine is our HERO…we love and cherish everyday that she has been in our lives…because we have had our own DIS-honarable Judge Debenhams in our life too….we have had our own court whore like  Jill M. Dykes….WE ARE CLAUDINE!  WE ARE EVERYWHERE!! Even in countries far far away!  Every one of those that blog about family court corruption has a simliar case to hers….sometimes even worse!…. where children have been murdered by their father by being placed by corrupt judges as you…sometimes children are sent to live with substantiated sexual abusers….but ALL the time we have a common thread….we have been abused not only by our abuser….but also abused by the injustices done by family court!  But most importantly we have survived.  We have beat the odds that we would be killed by an intimate partner who commits acts of violence.  We are the worst and best when it comes to being a true survivor….we are adamant we will not allow anyone to abuse us anymore in any shape or form.

We are not going to give up, shut up or go away….sorry.  Gag the internet…..but the internet is here to stay and so are we.  Ten years ago you would never find the social networking we have today.  Thank you facebook….thank you MySpace…thank you Al Gore!  You might be able to threaten a protective mother to not post anything and violate her first amendment rights….but you cannot GAG us all.  You say that she is her own worst enemy….no sir you are…you have failed to uphold the laws of the land…you have colluded with those that mean to do more harm to a victim of abuse….but mainly you are to blame for killing MOTHERHOOD.  Your askew view has made you the target….YOU DID THIS to yourself.

It began in February 1995 with a Domestic Violence Conviction against Halleck Richardson two months after her dear daughter was born.  What did you think she was going to do when Richardson came after custody?  NO MOTHER WOULD STOP….but you chose to stop her….we chose to continue to expose the evil and wicked ways of your court.  So RIP Shawnee County…from 1995-2010 you have tormented an abuse victim…but those days are over….its our turn.

So where in the world is Claudine Dombrowski??  Well..I will tell you…she is doing what every mother/survivor does that has lost a child to family court….living her life….walking in the truth….and waiting patiently for the day when she can look into the eyes of her child….and tell her I never gave up and I will love you forever.

So fuck off Shawnee County COURT WHORES….this is a free country and as long as I have the most potent and consequential words in American history….LIFE, LIBERTY and the pursuit of HAPPINESS…and boy am I pursuing it!  

Kansas is poised to replace its statue of politician John James Ingalls in the U.S. Capitol’s National Statuary Hall with Amelia Earhart as soon as funding is secured, making her the 10th woman to be honored there (out of 100).  The aviator and bestselling author was the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean.

If you look into the eyes of Ms. Earhart you cannot help but to notice her confidence and determination.  She was a woman who broke barriers and gender stereotypes.  What is it about Kansas women that feed the fire that make them determined to stand up for what is right?

The same steel reserve that has forced another woman in Kansas to regain her rights as parent has once again fallen on deaf ears.   Judge David Debenham was manipulated into believing that Claudine Dombrowski should not have parenting time and order so.  As one blogger stated:

People are outraged everywhere.  The last time  the 15 year old daughter called to cancel her two hour Sunday visit she is allowed each week with her mother, she was crying on the phone and said she couldn’t come.  Abuser Hal Richardson was yelling in the background, and the daughter cried more.  Dear Claudine told her daughter it was okay, that everything would be okay.  That was it.  After that, not even a phone call to cancel, Hal Richardson failed to produce the daughter at the Topeka Police Station as he was ordered to do.  Nothing.   And the court let him get away with all 67 violations of this court order on August 20th.

With Kansas having a reputation as a progressive state with many firsts in legislative initiatives—it was the first state to institute a system of workers compensation (1910) and to regulate the securities industry (1911).  Kansas also permitted women’s suffrage in 1912, almost a decade before the federal constitution was amended to require it.  It would now appear that Judge Debenham does not subscribe to the same progressive thoughts as other Kansans.  An American citizen can normally appear to have the same rights as the forefathers fought for us, especially Freedom of Speech, but not in Debenham’s court.  Now Debenham’s gavel has punished a Mother for trying to be a Mother, for exposing the criminals of family court and especially for the interests of her abuser.

It should be an embarrassment for any Kansan that this is how Debenham treats, Mothers/United States Citizens, doing what they have every right to do.   This progressive state with a long list of famous, innovative and ground breaking citizens from Earheart to Eishenhower you would expect better…then again Kansas does have the world’s biggest ball of twine.

With all of  her struggles within the court system and she hasn’t given up on her daughter and she never will.  Claudine is a modern Amelia Earhart, also on a perilous journey, navigating the unpredictable family court system, where you never know which basic human right they will take from you, especially Motherhood.

Rights for Mothers | Resources and Support for Noncustodial and Custodially-Challenged Mothers.

People are outraged everywhere.  The last time 15 year old Rikki called to cancel her two hour Sunday visit she is allowed each week with her mother, she was crying on the phone and said she couldn’t come.  Abuser WOS Hal Richardson was yelling in the background, and Rikki cried more.  Dear Claudine told her daughter it was okay, that everything would be okay.  That was it.  After that, not even a phone call to cancel, Hal Richardson failed to produce Rikki at the Topeka Police Station as he was ordered to do.  Nothing.  And the court let him get away with all 67 violations of this court order on August 20th when they went to court.

This girl is suffering, and being threatened with what to say, and she needs help immediately.  We may need to get a hold of the United Nations or NATO to seek help if we don’t’ get action soon from the Kansas Legislature.  I plan on calling Lynn Rosenthal, Obama’s White House Advisor on Domestic Violence, at the White House today and discuss this with her, as she and Department of Justice personnel have been looking at ways to stop abusers from getting custody.  Please call her too and let her know you are disgusted that an abusive criminal could keep a mother and daughter apart for ten years, thanks to money-hungry court personnel and lawyers.  Her phone number at the White House is 202-456-1414 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 202-456-1414 end_of_the_skype_highlighting, and ask for Lynn Rosenthal.

From Anne Caroline Drake’s Website:

Injustice in Oz: Are Judge David Debenham and GAL M. Jill Dykes Acting in the Best Interest of the Child or Engaged in a Cover-up?

Posted by Anne Caroline Drake on August 22, 2010 · 11 Comments


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Claudine Dombrowski and her daughter got caught up in a Kansas-style tornado of injustice and pretext on Friday.  There are so many abusive narcissistic wizards in this courtroom catastrophe that I felt like Dorothy in Oz when I heard what happened.

You Decide:  Incompetence, Pretext, Cover-Up, or Best Interests of the Child?

In the 14 years this case has been pending, Ms. Dombrowski has gotten just one day of justice back in January when she and Rights for Mothers‘ founder Nancy Carroll packed the courtroom.  Judge David Debenham allowed her the First Amendment right to shine a bright light on the injustice perpetrated by Hal Richardson and facilitated by GAL M. Jill Dykes.

GAL is the legal term for guardian ad litem.  These attorneys are appointed by the court to protect the best interests of the child in custody battles.  They are supposed to remain neutral and protect and advocate for the child.  It’s a sweet gig for attorneys.

Pretext is the legal term for blowing smoke up the court’s ass.  It’s a nice way of describing a courtroom that operates more like a mushroom farm.  As you may know, mushrooms thrive when they are covered in shit and kept in the dark.

Sealed Records, Gag Orders, and Closed Court

Judge David Debenham’s first order of business on Friday was to clear the courtroom of witnesses to the proceedings.  He claimed it was in the best interest of the child.  Then, he confiscated Ms. Dombrowski’s cell phone, ordered the records sealed, and issued a gag order.  This is from the court docket:

Court finds that Dr. Rodeheffer’s report of May 18, 2010, has been published on the website of Respondent. Court suspends Respondent’s parenting time pending final hearing in this matter. Respondent’s counsel is to review Respondent’s cell phone to determine if there are images of report on Respondent’s cell phone – Respondent’s phone time with minor child to continue but to Petitioner’s home phone. Due to publication of report on the Internet, which deals with minor child, Court finds that there is a privacy interest of the minor child that is central to these proceedings and outweighs the public interest and orders that the files, records, and transcripts of the case be sealed until further order of the Court. J. Dykes to do order.

Before I rip into the pretext and cover-up in this order, this is what Steven Brown, executive director of the Rhode Island affiliate of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) had to say about a Rhode Island judge who issued a similar order:

This court order is a blatant violation of the First Amendment.  If she believes she is being treated unfairly, or if she just wishes to make people aware of her case, she should be able to do so free of a court-ordered gag rule.

Was Hal Richardson held in contempt of court for routinely denying visitation between his daugher and her mother?  Hell no!

By the time he and GAL Dykes got done manipulating the judge, Ms. Dombrowski was the one in the hot seat. . .for shining a bright light on the truth. . .for exercising the very same First Amendment rights the judge guaranteed last January.

Claudine after being raped and beaten in 2000

Is GAL M. Jill Dykes Incompetent, Corrupt, or Clueless?

Before the hearing on Friday, I sent GAL Dykes a professional courtesy e-mail message.  A part of me was hoping she might make better decisions if she was apprised of the dynamics of PAS (parental alienation syndrome), domestic violence, and manipulation of the legal system as an instrument of abuse.  I also addressed my very legitimate concerns about a minor child residing in a house with a child’s coffin as a coffee table and a gun on the wall with a convicted criminal as custodial parent.

Her GAL-pal Rene M. Netherton sent me a threatening e-mail message in response.  I guess I was supposed to be intimidated into silence.  I wasn’t.

Instead, I was dumbfounded that licensed professionals would engage in behavior more common for junior high kids.  The tone and tenor of her comments let me know I was dealing with an abusive narcissist.  They can’t handle criticism and project their own evil intent onto others.  It explains why they are unable to distinguish between perpetrator and victim.

Ms. Netherton was GAL in this case before Ms. Dykes.  She didn’t respond to my concerns about Hal Richardson’s criminal record or choice of decor.

Best Interests of the Child

Yes, folks that’s a child’s coffin.  The photo doesn’t show the gun on the wall.  Y’all have sounded off with your concerns about the safety of a child residing in such a hostile environment.  GALs Netherton and Dykes don’t get it.  I’m not terribly surprised.  Ms. Netherton misses simple stuff like the fact that “privileged” is spelled incorrectly in her boilerplate.

Richardson Has an Extensive Criminal Record

According to Stop Family Violence, the abuse of Ms. Dombrowski and the minor child started when she was four months pregnant and discovered that Mr. Richardson had lied to her about being married.  He beat her.  As you can see, she was sporting a black eye when she gave birth to the child in 1994.

On February 18, 1995, Mr. Richardson was arrested for domestic battery and damage to property.  A no contact order was issued on February 21 which he immediately violated.  His bond was revoked when he failed to appear.  Shawnee County (KS) Court Services Officer Mary Kelly sent a memo on March 14 to Judge James P. Buchele regarding sentencing and probation:

Mr. Richardson has been placed on probation five times in the past 15 years.  I do not believe he is a good candidate for probation. . .I recommend. . .a psychological evaluation and follow all recommendations for treatment.  [emphasis added]

Nevertheless, Judge Buchele let him off with a slap on the wrist in a plea deal.  The domestic battery charges were reduced to disorderly conduct and the damage to property charge was dismissed.  Although he was ordered to get a psychological evaluation, he never did.  He was released from probation on June 13, 1996 after getting expelled from a court-ordered batterers group:

  • 3/6/95:  Fred Eisland:. . .marriage that ended in divorce and there was some violence there and he and his current partner are fighting.
  • 5/29/96:  . . .rude and disrespectful to female cofacilitator as evidenced by his combative stance, his repeated interruptions, his sexist language, his monopolization of the group with his loud voice, and his refusal to accept responsibility for his own actions.  Appears to be inappropriate for group.  JSM
  • 6/5/96:  No show
  • 6/10/96:  . . .client very disruptive during group. . .constantly challenging the structure of the program.  Client attempted to use the group as a forum to discuss his negative views of the local judicial system.  Client refuses to see himself as anything but a victim.  Very inappropriate actions for a group setting.
  • 6/11/96:  Called PO and client to tell them that he had graduated as far as I was concerned.  He only has 17 sessions, but is causing too much trouble with his mouth.  Terminated, with cause.  Will not be accepted back.  JSM  [emphasis added]

Please visit Anne Caroline Drake’s website for the rest of this excellent report.

Rights for Mothers | Resources and Support for Noncustodial and Custodially-Challenged Mothers.

Tonight a letter will be coming your way, detailing the miscarriage of justice that this Topeka mother and daughter has endured in Kansas courts.  Please consider carefully how best you can help.  Claudine has been a strong voice for battered and abused mothers, having testified before State Rep Mike Kiegerl‘s (R-Olathe) Joint Committee on Children’s Issues in December 2009.

Claudine has been gagged, denied documents to her case, denied parenting time (AGAIN), and even had her phone confiscated from her.  She came to court with 67 violations of the last court order of daddy Hal Richardson keeping Rikki from seeing her mother.  I was in court with Claudine in January when the order was issued to finally allow visitation, and Judge David Debenham (Shawnee County Court, phone number (785) 233-8200 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting (785) 233-8200 end_of_the_skype_highlighting ext. 4203 ) looked Richardson in the eyes and pointed to him and told him he WILL follow the court’s order.  He didn’t, and the motion to find him in contempt was dismissed as soon as Claudine didn’t have all her supporters there.

Your constituents, the voters of Kansas, the mothers of Kansas must have your support.  Another is waiting in the wings to be stomped on in Wichita on Tuesday (Jones vs. Youngquist  Case no. 06-DM 3626).  A father, Shawn Jones, who allegedly sexually abused his young daughter, has kept the children from their mother, Tammy Youngquist.  She has not seen them in months.  This is the abuser’s way of punishing mothers, and courts gladly help.  Scientific studies show that children rarely lie about sexual abuse, yet child protection workers constantly disregard allegations if they come from children of a broken home.  WAKE UP AND REALIZE CHILDREN ARE IN PAIN HERE.  CHILDREN ARE BEING ABUSED AND CHILDREN ARE BEING RAPED AND KANSAS COURTS ARE HELPING THE PERPETRATORS.

This is from Earl Glynn, the Kansas Watchdog:

Claudine Dombrowski

Claudine Dombrowski:  An abused mom victimized again by the Kansas CourtsClaudine Dombrowski: An abused mom victimized again by the Kansas Courts

Read details in written statement.

This is an truly incredible story that should never have happened in America.

Parts of the Kansas Judicial system should be disciplined for how it has victimized Ms. Dombrowski, who was an abused mom.

Instead of quotes from the audio, please consult these pages that document Dombrowski’s long and difficult battle to protect her daughter:

As you view these photos keep in mind that the court awarded FULL CUSTODY of their daughter to the “man” who did this to Claudine.

State Rep Bill Otto: “No crime? You haven’t been guilty of anything? This is a court order that says you can’t go to any school functions?”

“I was under court order till 2004 to not even call the police after I was being beaten because … I was not ‘co-parenting’”

Dombrowski: “These friends of the court make recommendations to the judge. The parents … don’t have a right to see these documents. They do this behind closed doors.”

Otto: (To Secretary Jordan): “You have no rights as a parent …?”

Secretary Don Jordan: “This would be something extreme … I’m not familiar with the situation.”

Otto: “Can a judge do that? … Is that legal… ?”

Jordan: “Under the right circumstances … I hesitate to speculate.”

Sen. Roger Reitz: “This is something that only … the judicial system can really answer … It would be helpful … to have someone … representing the judicial system … to give us some ideas how this could happen.”

Dombrowski: “When you are a victim of domestic violence, and suddenly there’s a child involved, the typical …. power of control is that ‘I’ll take your children from you’. They will and they can the way the laws are setup.” …

“I was told that I’m not to talk to my daughter about the violence. That’s why I don’t see her. That’s why I see her supervised. He was criminally convicted. “

“When women try to get away from people who hurt them … I heard somebody say it’s really hard to believe you won’t call the police … I tell people not to contact the police, because as soon as you walk into court with a DV (domestic violence) and children, you’re already cutting your throat. You will lose your children. That’s the way it is right now.”

“… on the 16th of this month I’ll probably go to jail for breaking the gag order and talking about [being the victim of] violence as it relates to my case.”

Reitz: “… someone ought to be able to deal with this in a way that would address her problem. It doesn’t seem like we’ve done the right thing with regards to this little niche of the law.”

Dombrowski: “The criminal convictions are completely tossed aside and they don’t have any bearing on the family court … The eight criminal convictions that my ex had before getting custody of my daughter were completely dropped [in family court]“

Chair Kiegerl: “I cannot believe that abuse is totally ignored. I cannot believe you can prohibit a person from speaking about their own case.”

“The one thing [where] … I disagree with you is abuse should always be reported.”

State Rep Peggy Mast (R-Emporia): “Domestic violence is a control issue. Sexual abuse is a control issue. Is there any correlation between domestic violence and sexual abuse? Why is that not something that is considered when we take someone to [family] court that has a history of domestic violence?”

Dombrowski: “Yes. That is something I’ve asked myself for 16 years. … It comes back to the family court that has a veil of immunity. … They don’t fully understand the impact of the violence. What battered women have … if they report the abuse, then they’re failing to protect their child … if they don’t report the abuse, they’re still failing to protect their child. So, both ways, they’re going to lose their children …”

For anybody who abuses their wife … [from] a 1996 presidential task force … there is a 70% increase that those children will be abused and/or sexually abused after there’s been battery with the mother.

Sen. Oletha Faust-Goudea: “In 2004 …. I talked with the homicide department in Sedgwick County…. During that time there had been 21 homicides in Sedgwick County and 18 were due to domestic violence …”

“A lot of women do make those phone calls and unfortunately, sometimes it ends in their death.” …

“I want to apologize to you for being treated like a pedophile … not being able to go to a music concert.”

“I commend you for what you’re doing.”

Dombrowski: “I have not talked to my daughter in 10 years [except] for the confines of supervised visits. I’m not allowed to talk to her about anything. All she knows is what her dad has told her.”

See this video:  Abused Mom Wants Unsupervised Visits with Daughter

Others have indicated a desire to help.  I have uploaded the email addresses for the Kansas House here and the Kansas Senate here.  This is just the beginning.

Once again this last Thursday, American Mothers Political Party Blogtalk Radio Show knocked one out of the park!

The hour long show provided information on important information about family court that included the meaning of ex-parte hearings and the inner workings of the judiciary office.  Co-hosts, Claudine Dombrowski and Lorraine Tipton, who each still live the nightmare of family court, explain to listeners what to expect when walking into family court for the first time. These co-hosts are phenomenal as they tell it like it is, no holding back!

The guest for the show was Dr. Danielle Duperret who is another protective mother who is speaking out against the judicial abuse and bias against mothers, specifically, domestic abuse victims.  Dr. Duperret also gave information on a conference to be held in October 21-23 regarding Child Abuse and Court Ordered Child Abuse. Details can be found on the website:

The show gives insight to what kind of nightmare that she and her children have had to contend with especially with Dr. Duperret being arrested and charged with a felony.

Dr. Duperrets heart wrenching story of her abusers constant retaliation in family court, including accusing her of the pseudo scientific theory of Parental Alienation Syndrome, is not what she expected from the U.S. judicial system. The several judges that have managed this case have acted out against this protective mother of seven, including her oldest daughter also being arrested for protecting her siblings. She tells the harrowing tale of U.S. Marshal’s surrounding their home, as well her incarceration of six months in a maximum security facility alongside murderers, rapists and REAL criminals.  AMPP stands with this mother in bringing the truth about family court to light!

American Mothers Political Party is not only a social movement, it is a long overdue revolution of domestic abuse victims taking a stand.

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When I started this blog, over a year ago, I promised that I would expose every last criminal in family court.  I will continue to keep that promise and Mama Liberty will be expanding to other various outlets to give Mothers a voice even more.  We are United States Citizens with the same rights as any other.

If you do not like what is being exposed about you and your corrupt system then

do the right thing and stop abusing your power and feeding your ego!

We have the right to expose any government entity for fraud, abuse or neglect.

You all cannot shut us all up, we have power in numbers

The wind always blows mightily over Kansas as it has for so long,  just ask Dorothy.

Now the winds of change are upon the dirty family court system in Shawnee County.  Well over a decade a Mother in Kansas has fought the court system and its criminals to have visitation with her daughter.

Claudine Dombrowski continues to ask the court to follow the custody guidelines for her visitation time.  In February 2010 a miracle happened when the Judge actually adhered and allowed the now teenage daughter to have unsupervised visitation with her Mother with no interference from the father.

But the continued problems this Mother and Child face is the Guardian Ad Litem for the child, Jill M. Dykes, who wishes nothing more than to keep Claudine from her child.  Instead of trying to assist with fostering a relationship with the Mother, Dykes wants to stay on this case, she wants more taxpayers money to keep her job.  Within the transcript of a hearing held in 2009 Ms. Dykes ineptness and bias against Claudine Dombrowski is evident. In the below transcript Dykes continues to interrupt the judge and fervently tries to prevent the judge from allowing unsupervised visitation. Dykes other favorite thing is to submit overtime to the county for keeping a parent and child separated.

Much to the dismay of the court system and specifically Jill M. Dykes this Mother is demanding that the statutes be upheld…otherwise they should terminate her parental rights.  It is not something that would be easy for any Mother but perhaps it is the right thing to do, in the best interest of the child and this mother.

They have once again started their campaign to end the unsupervised visits.  In fact what has been learned by this blogger is that is that if there is any extended visitation time it would evaporate any progress that the mother and child have made.  That is right, you read that right, the court whores are going to make it very difficult for any mother and child relationship.  Therefore until justice is given to Claudine and her child, this blog and others will continue to expose the injustices by Shawnee County and those that profit from it. The winds of change are coming Shawnee…and its a BIG one…watch out for falling houses Jill