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I have put up with more than my share of assholes in my lifetime I really don’t have time for anymore.

If you care to engage….feel free to leave a comment….it will be reviewed and even if it’s a nasty one you may get it posted….there’s no telling what a Feminazi like me might do…..so lesson learned to all that are offended by curse words, equality rights, family court reform, etc.

TOO fucking bad!

I mean what I say and I say what I mean but MOST of all….I live in a country that says I am protected by a 1st Amendment that gives me FREEDOM of SPEECH….so get the fuck over yourselves and stop jerking off in your parents basement and get a REAL life!

4 thoughts on “DA RULES

  1. I love the “Do You Know Your AFCC? log. I think Liz Richards has “The Right Stuff” and am working with her, or trying to, in my state. You have to actually follow those links (NAFCJ.net) and of course elsewhere to see the extent of the depth (and history) of the mire we are standing in, in this country, because of organizations like this, naming themselves the opposite of what they do.

    It’s a real archaeological dig.

    I won’t be cussing on my blog (for the most part), but consider that energy maybe diverted into reporting and exposing. Trying to find where to focus it. The sentiments apply, though.

    I tried to tell some (relatives, in one case) to “get a real life” years ago. Apparently whatever one they had going on wasn’t satisfying, because they came after mine, and uprooted it, and my kids’ lives. Haven’t had a single word of remorse or regret / apology since. Makes you wonder where the shit comes from – family lines? Environment? Faulty thinking? The general atmosphere of their colleagues (I live in AFCC origins state)? Or maybe it’s in the water. I must’ve had a filter in somewhere that I’m not talking the same “WHY CANT YOU JUST GET ALONG WITH YOUR PERSONAL CAREER CRIMINAL?” talk, which is what domestic violence IS, and the subsequent pursuit through the courts after the door got shut by her because of the initial pattern of violence & abuse.

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