Making a Difference

While we wait for some answers in re; of theses ass clowns in Wisconsin from a previous blog postย (images courtesy of me) I thought I’d take some time to shout out to Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey!

In a few days, the state of Wisconsin is set to lay their asses bare in front of theย full appeals court when they will hear arguments whiningย on Tuesday, Sept. 26.

This en banc hearing is nothing more than the death throes of the continued temper tantrum that the state of Wisconsin refuses to admit any wrong doing. In fact, I told my spouse just yesterday that perhaps this what Wisconsin was waiting on a case to pull their old card ย “We can do what we want because we have legal protections in place” I wonder what professional liability coverage extends to violating civil rights? Pretty sure that is not a gray area of law.

Go on shitheads of Wisconscum, I encourage you to think and act like you’ve got all the legal protections in place. for violating civil rights. Also please make sure your liability insurance premiums are paid and no lapses. ๐Ÿ˜€ย 

Most people on the internet, facebook groups or Redditย cannot wrap their head around the shear hard on they have for Steven Avery. It’s one big club and if you’re not in it then it’s open season on your ass. This is personal and that’s when mistakes are made and they get sloppy fabricating “evidence”.

They never could have imagined their down fall would be brought to ย you by a Netflix documentary! Surprise! I think Wisconsin is going to find out pretty soon the inner workings of the “justice” system.

The best episode yet to be made of MSNBC’s Lockup includes Kratz, Lenk, Colborn, Fassbender and Wiegert . We hope it happens.The punishment Ken Kratz received was insane. Bad enough there isn’t adequate domestic violence resources but to allow a district attorney to get away with that? Thankfully that’s about to change thanks to Nrider, Drizin and Zellner the lies are unraveled.

The “Zellnami” rolled through not just Manitowoc or Wisconsin but worldwide it has garnered the attention. We all wait as the powers that be do what the people want. The people of the world have spoken. #FreeStevenAvery #FreeBrendanDassey #MakingAMurderer

Our thoughts and prayers with Steven and Brendan and their family


to be continued…


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