Dear Steven


Since December my family, friends and the whole goddamn world has been scrutinizing the bastards of #Manitowoc County. You wouldn’t believe it buddy! SHIT just got real for #Wisconsin!

Our family binged watched during Christmas #MakingAMurder and our hearts were torn out of our chests. We understand completely how easily one can find themselves on the end of retaliation by asshole cops and the “justice system”.

Even in my own wildest dreams could I have never imagined their asses laid bare as it has been since December. Manitowoc even had to hire a public relations firm to help with their image!! HAHAHAHAHAHAAHHA!!!!! That’s okay Steve, I WORK PR FOR FREE 😀

By the way, your lawyer, Kathleen Zellner, is fucking awesome!!!! I can only imagine the cops down at Manti making a big deal about the hot shot female lawyer from Chicago. I know how they feel about the “outsiders”.  Thanks to the brave lawyers that do exist in #Wisconsin we have hope to tear a little ass up in the county that holds a special place in my heart ❤ #OcontoCounty

Today it looks like the state of #Wisconsin is preparing to shit their pants (sidenote I’m thinking of buying stock in Kimberly-Clark for the influx of incontinence pads they’ll be purchasing)

In all seriousness, #Wisconsin you are totally FUCKED and thank the gods that the whole world is now aware of your dirty deeds.

In the meantime, since this blogs stats continue to grow since December I’ll be picking this mic up and going to take every opportunity to point out the inept state and county workers that continue to inhabit the shithole a.k.a. #Wisconsin and by happenstance #Michigan

P.S. Steve, I can’t wait until you and Brendan get out so you can really appreciate what a great service you have done for all the “underdogs” against corrupt county officials. #GameOn #NoLove



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