In the criminal justice system, sexually based offenses are considered especially heinous. In Essex County, the dedicated detectives who investigate these vicious felonies are usurped by rogue family court judges. This is one such story. 


Truth stranger than fiction? I think not. This blog post is going to cover a lot of failures in the system and agencies/individuals that choose to ignore victims. For those in authority or position in the state of New Jersey, specifically Hudson and Essex Counties.

We’ve all seen the show “Law & Order” each and any of the “units”.  Long before I was in the ‘business’ of being the voice for victims those shows got to me.  They still do, that’s why I can’t watch them.  I live, eat and breathe being a part of my own “Special Victims Unit”.

So here’s my pitch to Mariska Hartigay, Chris Meloni and even Ice T to take a look at this real case, ripped from the headlines.

In Essex County New Jersey there is no Detective Olivia Benson or Detective Elliot Stabler. But this could be one of the horrendous cases we’ve seen on tv. While a criminal court indicts a man for seven counts of child and sexual abuse the family court in another county totally usurps the impending criminal court matter and allows visitation to the alleged perp. But that’s not all. The retired judge who has now admitted he is “not neutral” and continually interferes and retaliates against children victims who have testified to a grand jury about the abuse. DUN DUN That’s just the first part. 

Imagine in the tv world where all problems are solved in the hour, perps are caught and brought to justice. The police and the prosecutors office works in a concert to protect victims but I don’t think criminal court knows the depths of darkness of family court. These are horses of another color and that color is green for money. Specifically the “retired” judge who is doing everything and anything to aid and abet the the family court with a great big middle finger to criminal justice system.

So from the top. A very wealthy man in NJ is indicted on seven counts of child and sexual abuse He is arrested, held on $50,000 bond, no contact with victim and now family court just went ahead and gave him “visitation”.

I imagine that if there really was a SVU unit in Essex County that the Prosecutors office, detectives getting an explanation as to why their victim and witnesses have been put into direct contact with the perp.



“….  but it’s supervised visitation”

“Oh, okay then”

“By his lawyer”


Once again let me iterate, a man is indicted on seven counts of child AND sexual abuse (of his own children) and he’s arrested, posts $50,000 bail, no contact with victim and family court just gave him supervised visitation with his lawyer as the supervisor


“Why are they allowing the perps lawyer to supervise? “

“Allow?! HA! You don’t know this retired judge or his neighbor the perps lawyer”


“So the retired judge who is no longer a judge is the neighbor to the perps attorney, but if he’s no longer a judge what is his dog in this fight?

“He is the “Parent Coordinator”

“WTF is a parent coordinator?”


How does one even begin to explain the clusterfuck to laymen in the criminal justice system. But you just got owned by a retired judge who’s  not even close to being an upright standing citizen let alone human.

Where is the basic human rights when children should not have to worry about being ripped away from their safety into the arms of a monster, plain and simple.



Meanwhile, I would like to point out to new readers of this blog that may not be aware that the perpetrator and his cronies have been on this blog incessantly since his indictment. I could say that I fear for my life since I am acutely aware of the perps proclivity to violence but I’m not. One cannot fear someone who’s only purpose on this earth is to abuse women and children is of no match for me. I’ve heard they don’t like this blog. Too fucking bad. I don’t like child molesters/abusers or those who enable them. Anytime a child needs my help I’ll be there….always.