While I appreciate that Oconto County et al is still watching this blog it never ceases to amaze me that CPS worker is so concerened about her name and posts about CPS workers LYING on their reports. . . right Carrie?




Yes my child has a voice and it’s very strong for being almost 15 years old. Since you don’t know how to do your jobs and hang around googling your names and searching this blog for info; here’s a little ditty for ya.  The following is a piece of poetry my daughter wrote.  She continually tells “mandated reporters” at her school about her home life with her father.  Don’t you think it’s high time you did your job?  I know my child thinks so and so do I.

Dedicated to CPS worker, Carrie Silbernagel-Burke and Oconto and Brown County Child Protection Agency




I go to school pretending

everything is fine

I say “I’m okay”
I can’t believe I still stick with that line.

I pretend I didn’t go through

a “father abusing me phase; life had a lot to face.

I don’t want anyones sorrows or

their pity.

Yeah, I know it’s not all that shitty

That’s what you’ll say.

I want him to pay, pay for

everytime he would hit me.

All I would say is that

I miss my mom.

Is that so wrong?

I just want him to go away.

He  causes me so much pain, physical pain.

Am I the one to blame?

Don’t feel sorry for me

And don’t forget my NAME

by M.M.H. (you know who I am)