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On Oct. 25, I witnessed an outrageous act of abuse of authority.

In courtroom 2J, all parties to civil matters were briefed prior to entering the courtroom by the deputy on the court rules.

This included a very condescending lecture about how men should tuck their shirttails in, there will be no chewing gum, no eyeglasses on head, no sleeping, etc.

The deputy then said about the cell phone rule, “If your cell goes off in the court, I will escort you out of the courtroom and babysit you like the baby you are.”

The deputy then went on to say anyone who violated the rules was rude and was not showing respect for Judge Dale R. Wells.

While in the courtroom, a cell phone went off. The cell phone belonged to a lady who was engaged with the court translator and clearly did not speak English.

She had no…

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