Oconto agents honored for investigative work | BULLSHIT

Oconto agents honored for investigative work | Green Bay Press Gazette | greenbaypressgazette.com.

How can one get an award for such GREAT investigative work when Darren Laskowski REFUSED to interview a sexual abuse victim.

From a previous post: Officer Darren Laskowski the SAME bumbling idiot who said he would not interview the child that was alleging sexual abuse because the ex has told him that it was only for REVENGE.  Really?  But now the tables are turned Laskowski and your continuing bush-leagued, shoddy investigating skills is shining down on you!  Thank god the state agents from Division of Criminal Investigation came and helped!

Why are people questioning what took so long?  It is NO surprise to me.  You now officially have BLOOD on your hands and I am grateful it was not me or my child whom you failed to believe. I prayed for some justice for ALL Mothers and Children in Oconto County…it is coming slowly…but  Karma really is a bitch aint it?


SEE ya in the funny papers, IDIOTS of OCONTO COUNTY