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Again, see “selfreportedfool.org” and also see “justice4mothers.wordpress.com” for an article given at the Southern California Domestic Violence Symposium, Pueblo, Colorado:  Angela Warren speech is posted there (and my comment responding to it also). Then go to lizgates library.  Then think about how horrific it is that SOME children don’t sleep in the same house as their fathers at night.  One of these below didnt have a bed, maybe she didn’t sleep too well, either.  And she ain’t sleeping too well these days, as her mom faces contempt on a minor issue (including threats of jail), while the other charges keep dropping by the waysides.  



File this under “AFTER SHE SPEAKS UP — DOMESTIC VIOLENCE . . CHILD ABUSE”  And Cast Characters, Script, Action.


What I’m posting here IS hearsay.  I have no firsthand knowledge of the actual events and have not…

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