he time has come to update the story of the four Aussie sisters who were placed in foster care.  Sources are reporting that the Mom was actually fleeing a cult situation when she left the father.  These girls are in danger if they are returned to the father in Italy.  We all know that cults are known for mind control, abuse, and brainwashing.  The children are being held in foster care pending a higher court ruling.  The original court ordered the children be turned over to the father in Italy.  If these girls are sent back to Italy, they will be subjected to indoctrination, brainwashing, and abuse.  This is a human rights issue.  This is an international tragedy.  

The press is also misreporting the truth.  The girls were still seeing their father,but his intent is now to return them to the cult in Italy because they are old enough to be groomed and indoctrinated.  This needs media attention immediately. The girls are in danger.  At any moment the court can send the girls back to the father under the Hague Act.  Dad has already been given liberal visits with the girls so he can begin to “program” them.  Mom is allowed to see the girls rarely, and under very strict supervision in a room the size of a closet.  We need to shine a light onto this case, and expose what is really going on here.

The girls have reported to the foster home that they fear further abuse by Dad.  The foster home’s answer is “oh… has brainwashed you against dad”.    Simply not true.  Mom was fleeing a CULT !   Mom fears for the safety of the girls, as do other family members.  Mom made a tearful plea to her girls :

If these girls return with their father— they will be banished to a life of hell in a sick cult.  They will now be old enough to be indoctrinated into the sect, and God only knows what that will mean to them, and their safety.  We already know the father was an abuser…. we already know the girls fear him. This whole thing is known by the Courts, who are assisting the father in placing the girls into a cult.   One must wonder what is in it for the Courts?  The girls will never see their mother again, and now we know why.  The cult will not allow any contact with “non members”- and will not allow contact with the outside world.  This is the same as a court selling kids into slavery.  

Please stand in support of the four Australian sisters who are in grave danger!