Tonight at 6pm CST the City of Topeka Kansas [http://www.topeka.org/video/] will decide whether or not they will make domestic violence “legal”.  Troubling comes to the mind mostly fear.   The fear that victims not only will be denied equal protection under law as outlined in the Fourteenth Amendment specifically,  Equal Protection Clause requires each state to provide equal protection under the law  to all people within its jurisdiction.  The district attorney of Shawnee County, Chadwick Taylor, Topeka City Council and Shawnee County Commissioners are playing a dangerous game of chicken with victims of domestic violence.  Tonight these white males with privilege will decide the fate of many victims by repealing a ban on domestic violence within the city of Topeka in other words, ‘Sharia Law’ has come to the Midwest.  That’s right,  it could be “legal” to beat your spouse with no repercussions, legal ones anyways.  I doubt the city fathers have thought about what this legacy will bring to Topeka, then again maybe they have.   But there is already a heavy cost on society when domestic violence and abuse are overlooked.  Health costs and lost work costs, but a diminution of values.  When prosecutions of violence and abuse against a family member become nothing more than a political pissing contest, victims burrow deeper into themselves, shamed, ashamed, and alone.  No one can save them.  At least, that’s how they feel.  But that doesn’t stop their abusers, because there is not anything to stop them.  With the possibility they’ll face no legal consequences, they will simply continue their abuse and victims will submit, believing  there’s no way out, because there isn’t anymore.



Topeka’s governing body voted 7-3 Tuesday evening to repeal the city ordinance banning domestic battery, in a move interim city manager Dan Stanley said would force District Attorney Chad Taylor to resume reviewing and evaluating domestic batteries committed in Topeka for possible prosecution.

Mayor Bill Bunten and council members Karen Hiller, John Alcala, Sylvia Ortiz, Chad Manspeaker, Bob Archer and Andrew Gray voted in favor of the move while council members Denise Everhart, Larry Wolgast and Richard Harmon voted against it.