There seems to be some confusion in Shawnee County Kansas and most recently Warren County Kentucky the owners/authors/journalists of blogs that have exposed the dirty little secret of the family court system.  It would seem that these counties are hellbent on accusing and/or jailing Mothers of exposing their corruption, collusion and cronyism.  Mothers that have navigated the gauntlet of family court and then subsequently having their children kidnapped these courts have accused them of ….GASP….talking about their case online!  The HORROR!!  How dare a American citizen question the authority of the court system and their judges, Court Whore….GALs, Court Whore…psychologists..etc…..you get the picture.  These family court whores in Shawnee County have brought in so called experts that stated in court that various screen shots of posts on blogs, facebook etc. was placed their by Claudine Dombrowski.  Now let me educate the cyber-stalking court whores like Don and Jason Hoffman, Jill M. Dykes who troll here regularly.

Let me make this clear….


We have a right as a US citizen to speak….FYI

The point of all of this is not just the blatant First Amendment Violations but the FACTS are that there is NO way that court whore Debenham can obviously conclude that Claudine Dombrowski posted anything subsequently from her hearing in January. In fact to me it sounds more and more like someone deep within the corrupted Shawnee County courthouse with access to certain records set her up.

Dumbass Debenham has NO evidence whatsoever except for a bunch of egotistical, insignificant humans trolls  that google themselves and other various terms to find out if any information is posted.  But here is the thick of it….ANYONE can say they are ANYONE online….its done on a daily basis.  People imitate celebrities or other characters….or even Claudine Dombrowski. No you are going to pin ALL these posts on the internet by ONE woman?  You really don’t have a clue nor do you want to have a clue how the INTERNET actually works.  But the real point is the human rights violations of keeping a mother from her child and forcing her into silence and submission.  Every last criminal that kept this mother and child separated know that you will answer to your demons when they drag you to hell for your actions, that is one thing you can be sure of.

So I ask now…will the REAL Claudine Dombrowksi please stand up…..she already has.


  1. Another murder-suicide in Great Falls, Montana.
    His obituary says he was a devoted father.
    As if making the three young kids orphans was just a minor one-time slip.
    No whisper of any domestic discord before the murder.
    He used to be a cop.

    And in other news, the Missoula Mom blog, by the features editor of the Missoulian newspaper, reminds moms that “detail about their personal experience – and their children’s personal experiences – with their spouses, GALs, judges, and others. That’s not a matter for public discussion. It is simply not appropriate to share personal details of your child’s trauma and abuse with the entire world.”


    Women are continually silenced. By their abusers, by their murderers, by the courts, and by the media.

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