I am not saying Wisconsin sucks or that they are worse than any other state in the union but they REALLY do suck!

This blog has been brutally honest of the inner workings of our government and those that run it.  Recently the depravity of one of those, Ken Kratz, District Attorney of Calumet County Wisconsin, has gained national attention.  Not the kind that Wisconsin needs but at least for once this national story didn’t involve a serial killer who eats people.

Instead, the public united against the behaviors of Kratz and other various Wisconsin officials as Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen and the Wisconsin Officer of Lawyer Regulation.  It is no secret that the public are simply disgusted and outraged at the arrogance of Kratz and others that have protected him. We applaud the many domestic violence agencies and advocates that heard the call of the public outcry.  It is heartening and refreshing especially with a system hellbent on silencing victims.  Then the ugly head of  one of those on the inside of the Wisconsin organized crime family opened his mouth.

Capo, member of the Board of Administrative Oversight, which monitors the fairness of OLR and considers related policies, said the agency should not review the case.

Kenosha Wisconsin lawyer underboss, Terry Rose said the messages reflected “poor judgment” but not sexual harassment.  Rose said the behavior did not violate professional conduct rules in part because Van Groll was a witness, not Kratz’s client.  Oh really?

“I don’t want to see a situation where we have a lynch mob mentality where, because the general public is howling for the scalp of a particular attorney, we respond,” Rose said, adding that voters could vote Kratz out of office in 2012. “I view this as more of a political issue.”

What an asshole! 

Wisconsin taxpayers don’t want to see a situation where the district attorney preys on victims of domestic violence either!

Enlighten us about what would be the political motive?  Doyle is not even running for office again (he has probably sick of  the way things are handled down in Madison too!)  Give me a break Mr. Rose, your poor judgment for sticking up for an obvious predator of women is the type of mob mentality all you and your colleagues crime family exude upon the great citizens of Wisconsin.

I have run across more than enough citizens that have experienced the gauntlet of filing a complaint with the OLR and at least they got a letter saying no action was going to be taken against the criminal lawyer which is more than Stephanie Van Groll got.   According to Van Groll’s attorney, Michael Fox, said Thursday his client does not remember ever speaking with the OLR investigator or receiving a letter telling her the case had been closed.  NO SURPRISE THERE!

Eighteen minutes into the status hearing yesterday the attorney for Kratz  informed that he will resign now.  This brings little  comfort to the victims and to the public in general who have EVERY right to question their government and elected officials, especially when you claim that those that disagree with OLR are howling for a scalp!.  If you mafiosos lawyers don’t want to adhere to your own Rules of Professional Conduct, rename them Suggestions of Professional Conduct or does not apply to us, that will save us lowly, illiterate taxpayers serfs a lot of time making sure you follow your own guidelines.

Many have been insulted by the comments made by DOJ and OLR and their goons, most importantly it has been their intelligence.  The cover up and lies told by those in power has diminished the  integrity of the Wisconsin  Justice System, which for those of us that already know what a bunch of idiots that run it has helped solidify the fact.

Attorney General Godfather Van Hollen learned of the concerns about Kratz more than 11 months ago yet he did not refer the case to Governor who has the authority to remove district attorneys from office in cases of malfeasance, misconduct or neglect of duty. In fact, Van Hollen took no initiative to discuss the serious issues raised by the Kratz case, issues that go to the integrity of law enforcement in Wisconsin.   no shocker there either!

The Democratic Party of Wisconsin has called for an independent investigation of Van Hollen’s handling of the case of Kratz, one of the attorney general’s earliest and most ardent supporters. Spokesman Graeme Zielinski says: “J.B. Van Hollen looks to have tried to sweep this case under the rug. Only an independent probe can uncover the full scope of Van Hollen’s misconduct involved here.”

We agree

An independent investigation of EVERY Wisconsin government office organize crime family that handled this little problem with Kratz is exactly what is needed.  It’s about time Wisconsin got an enema to rid its bowels that are full of shit.


court records show that Kratz current wife filed for divorce in December 2009 — and this divorce will be his third. Kratz was also divorced in 1994 and 1997.  It appears that Judge Donald Poppy, the judge from the glue case, actually presided over the 1997 divorce–how is that for a tangled web that they weave?

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