Some doofus this week made a stink about a Mommy & Me program that refused him and/or his gender membership.  Since this revelation I have seen the light and realize how many disenfranchised, abused and neglected males there really are out there.

A solution for these males that live daily with inequality… ManCaves  ™

Just for the man that just needs to get away from the bitch!
We offer Free WiFi with daily pay per view porn!
24/7 Bar and Grill with the extra saucy ManCave Sluts
as your hostesses

Enjoy the many amenities of ManCaves ™

Tissues in every room! (lotion available for nominal fee)

Stop complaining that males are getting screwed out of membership to groups of women and children.  If you do not embrace the exclusion then make your own group!! Did you not learn anything from Kevin Costner?


Coming next week!  Man denied membership with La Leche League due to lack of mammary glands! OUTRAGE!