Wisconsin Child Abuse Investigator Fired For Filing False Reports – Lez Get Real

Wisconsin Child Abuse Investigator Fired For Filing False Reports – Lez Get Real.

Here is a guy who appears to have been looking for a job with the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith in Rome…

A Racine County Wisconsin Human Services child protective service investigator has been fired and is under criminal investigation for allegedly filing false reports on child abuse cases he never actually took the time to investigate.

According to the Racine Times Journal,Todd O’Brien, who has been employed with the Racine HSD since 1998, has been busted after he filed detailed reports that labeling allegations of abuse as unsubstantiated when in fact he never really spoke to anyone or went to any of the abused children’s homes.

Racine County Human Services Director Debra Jossart said, O’Brien, a child protective services initial assessment worker tasked with investigating complaints of child abuse and neglect, was terminated Tuesday after co-workers following up on one of his previous cases discovered O’Brien had never spoken with anyone in the family.

Ms. Jossart said Racine County HSD workers were in the process of investigating a case and were speaking with family members to determine where the children involved in that case could be placed. O’Brien had once investigated one of the relatives on the list, according to the HSD report he filed.However, when HSD workers contacted the family and asked them about the previous investigation, the family said there never was one.

Jossart said, “That’s when he was suspended.”

Needless to say, Jossart and the Racine HSD also say they are furious over the black eye the situation gives the department.

“I have never been so angry,” Jossart said. “It is not common practice. I’ve never had a case like this. We have hard-working, dedicated staff who care about children. They are angry about this.”

Racine County officials say charges could be forthcoming against O’Brien for misconduct in public office and fraud, and Racine County Sheriff Bob Carlson said Wednesday that his department is investigating the case but added his department isn’t getting much information.

“The investigation is still open,” Carlson said. “At this point, (O’Brien) is refusing to talk to investigators. He lawyered up.”

There has also been no word if Mr. O’Brien is planning to rent the spare room at Cardinal Bernard Francis Law’s House in Rome.


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