Yes…they are back!  I know you just can’t stay away can you? A county so worried about being sued than protecting a child is abhorrent!  They do not know the meaning of “erring on the side of caution” only how they can cover their asses…guess what…you can’t.  The longer that this child goes unprotected by those agencies the more evidence is racking up against them. How many reports are we up to now?  TOO damn many! DO YOUR JOBS AND PROTECT CHILDREN!
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Drinking and driving with his daughter doesn’t make him a bad father…he made a bad choice

Really? Seriously a child protection worker from Oconto County Wisconsin told this to a Mother regarding one of her daughters fear to be around her father. That is right dear readers and the following story is not only going to sicken you it will make you angry.

In 2006 the Oconto County CPS was investigating child sex abuse allegations by a then 8 year old little girl.  The worker went to the child’s school to interview her and when the other followed up with her she was told, among many other disturbing statements, that the father simply made a bad choice when he was arrested and charged with his third DUI with his minor child in the car.

The mother was outraged and rightly so.  Child Protection Services (CPS) has nothing to do with child protection and here is one of many nightmares across the nation.

Two years later with the same little girl forced to visit her irresponsible father she told how her grandmother, her fathers mother, forced fed her soup.  Not just yelling at a child to eat but forcefully shoving a wooden spoon into her mouth.  When the child vomited the loving grandma made her eat that too.  What any mother would have done with that information, short of violence, she called Oconto County CPS once again.  When she was informed that the illustrious inept CPS worker was on the job again she knew that NOTHING would come from the latest abuse, and nothing did.  I will post the recording from the hearing of the administrative appeal where you will hear for yourself this worker lie under oath, slander the mother and cover her own ass.

Perhaps the letter from her deputy director would help shed some light at lack of empathy and CPS just wanting to watch their own backs.  It can be found here: http://rights4mothers.org/uselessletters.aspx

Fast forward to 2010, this same child continues to be abused by her father.  Now that Oconto County KNOWS they screwed up they have passed the buck on to Brown County CPS.  This child is now being physically abused by father and Brown County has screened out the abuse.

Screening out, as the supervisor explained so professionally, is they have determined that there is NO ongoing abuse and does not fit the criteria.  Really? No ongoing abuse? No of course not.  It probably has nothing to do with the bias against this mother and child.  It probably does not have anything to do with them searching this blog and others for the inept social workers name either.

So in the mean time, this mother will try to protect her child, this child will try to survive and this blogger will continue to expose these criminals and the CPS in both counties now better save their pennies for a rainy day.  As the supervisor said that they have a certain liability…you bet your ass they do….and boy do they!


Fight Corrupted Family Courts and CPS
Fight back and get your kids back NOW!
Another Oklahoma lawsuit pays $300,000 to settle federal lawsuit against DHS for negligence
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Oklahoma pays $300,000 to settle federal lawsuit against DHS
Misty Lynn Williams spent almost 14 months in Sequoyah County jail in Sallisaw to keep secret her daughter’s location. She said she was protecting daughter from being molested.
BY NOLAN CLAY nclay@opubco.com 65
Published: February 13, 2012

The state of Oklahoma has paid $300,000 to settle a lawsuit filed by a mother who hid her young girl after DHS workers rejected her concerns the girl had been molested.

Misty Lynn Williams Shown in jail clothes in July 2005.
Article Gallery: Oklahoma pays $300,000 to settle federal lawsuit against DHS

Settling DHS lawsuits

In the past three months, the state has paid almost $1 million to settle lawsuits involving the Oklahoma Department of Human Services, records show.

In November, the state paid $600,000 of the $1.1 million settlement that went to a young man who was sexually molested at a foster home. In 2006, the victim — then 15 — was molested by his foster father and the foster father’s live-in lover in Oklahoma City. He sued DHS and Shadow Mountain Behavioral Health System, which was hired by DHS to find foster parents.

In December, the state paid $92,500 to settle a lawsuit that blamed DHS for a boy’s death. Eli Kevin Johnson, 3, was murdered in 2009 by his mother’s boyfriend in Oklahoma City. The boy’s father alleged DHS did not do enough to protect Eli after he reported the boy had been abused in 2008.

In January, the state paid $300,000 to settle Misty Lynn Williams’ lawsuit against DHS workers and a former judge.

Misty Lynn Williams spent almost 14 months in the Sequoyah County jail in Sallisaw to keep secret her daughter’s location.

The unusual case attracted national attention — at first while the mother and girl were missing and then after the mother went to jail for refusing to reveal the girl’s whereabouts.

The mother, who grew up in Muldrow, said in a jail interview in 2005 that she was protecting her girl from further sexual abuse. “I would sit here until I die if I have to,” she told The Oklahoman in 2005.

“It was a long time but it was worth it,” Williams, now 33, said in December of her jail stay.

Attorneys of foster child sue Oregon for $1.6 million, say DHS



DYFS settles for $4.5 million

May 13, 2010 • 3:00 pm

By Bob Ingle

DYFS has agreed to pay $4.5 million to settle a lawsuit filed by a boy who was sexually abused by foster parents, his attorney says. The Star-Ledger reports the boy was abused when he was 6 and is 17 now.  The boy was placed by DYFS in the custody of a Hudson County couple in 1995, and was sexually assaulted between 1996-98, according to a lawsuit. The foster parents were convicted in Hudson county.  He was transferred to a new foster family in Passaic County which has become his adoptive family. It is they who filed the lawsuit on his behalf. The boy has undergone counseling and mental health treatment. Long-term effect was one of the factors considered in the judgment.

But what they dont know is that I know they have been searching for the worker.  What they also dont know is that I now have proof of their bias against the mother. Well…I guess they know now.

They spent more time on this blog investigating their OWN asses and never even spoke to the child.  I wonder how many taxpayers will think that they did the right thing?  Over THREE hours?!? Hope you enjoyed your time here….COME AGAIN REAL SOON!

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A CPS worker told her “there’s nothing we can do,” Lilly said, and then referred her to Diogenes Youth Services, a counseling and crisis intervention center for teens.

Read more here: http://www.sacbee.com/2011/07/03/3744495/sacramento-child-abuse-survivor.html#storylink=cpy


One thought on “ABUSE IS ABUSE

  1. Maybe we should contact Mark S Mitchell and Sue T Matczynski from DHHS and let them know their CPS workers are spending tax dollars surfing the internet for their names instead of actually saving a child!

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