Kelly Wing-Schimdt

APPLETON — A former Appleton firefighter convicted of killing his wife and shooting his mother-in-law will be 80 years old before he has an opportunity for release from prison.

Scott E. Schmidt, 39, was sentenced today during an emotional hearing in Outagamie County Court on convictions for first-degree intentional homicide, first-degree reckless endangerment and bail jumping. He was convicted in March for the April 17, 2009, shooting death of wife Kelly Wing Schmidt. He also shot and injured his mother-in-law, Barbara Wing.
Barbara Wing said today Schmidt wasn’t the devoted husband who tried to save his marriage as he claimed during his March trial. He was abusive, he threatened to kill Wing Schmidt before and he finally fulfilled the threat to take her life and left five children without their mother, she said.

“I wish he had taken mine and left Kelly here for her children,” Wing said through tears.

Judge John Des Jardins’ sentence will leave Schmidt eligible to apply for parole release beginning Jan. 1, 2050. The homicide conviction carries a life sentence, though in Wisconsin judges have the authority to set dates for parole eligibility.

Kellys father stated in court that Scott Schmidt should be released from prison when his daughter is released from her grave.