It comes now that the problem that millions of mothers have been been talking about in the last few years is now about to go BOOM. For all this time we have been telling Judges that we do not feel are children are safe in the hands of our former abusers.  Did they listen? NO.  Now that how many children have died at the hands of their own father and more women are banding together they will and have been held accountable.  We were chastised, scolded and more importantly revictimized all over in again at the hands of family court and their criminals.  We trudged on when we thought we could no longer and found each other.  Thousands of women that have been bruised, battered but not broken!  We stood up to Judges, the GAL and other whores of the court.  We learned and now KNOW about Responsible Fatherhood Initiatives and Access/Visitation grants!  We have exposed you on our blogs about your errs in judgement, your unethical behavior and questionable morals as a human being.