The Emperor’s New Clothes

The outcry about family court corruption has finally paid off and is about to go BOOM.

All this time we have been telling Judges that we feel our children are not safe in the hands of our former abusers.  Nobody listened…but they’re listening now. With much too many deaths to ignore the media and the upper echelon of government are taking notice of the amount of murdering fathers. The amount of Mothers banding together has been astounding…although it is not really a sisterhood of commonality one aspires to be.

On April 14, 2010, Dr. Phil finally gave a platform for the problem of Family Courts giving custody to known abusers.

A strong mother, Katie Tagle, told the story of abuse and then being re-victimized by Family Court. In fact, several mothers were in the audience to show their support of this cause including Amy Leichtenberg who also lost her two precious sons Duncan and Jack to their murderous father.

We trudged on when we thought we could no longer and found each other.  Thousands of women that have been bruised, battered but not broken.  We stood up to Judges, the GAL and other whores of the court.  We have exposed you through blogs about your errs in judgment, your unethical behavior and questionable morals as a human being….and we have only just begun.

A story by Hans Christian Andersen. An emperor hires two tailors who promise to make him a set of remarkable new clothes that will be invisible to anyone who is either incompetent or stupid. When the emperor goes to see his new clothes, he sees nothing at all — for the tailors are swindlers and there aren’t any clothes. Afraid of being judged incompetent or stupid, the emperor pretends to be delighted with the new clothes and “wears” them in a grand parade through the town. Everyone else also pretends to see them, until a child yells out, “He hasn’t got any clothes on!”

Moral of the story…

People who point out the emptiness of the pretensions of powerful people and institutions are often compared to the child who says that the emperor has no clothes.