Not even a prominent woman can escape the ULTIMATE act of abuse…


Rest peacefully Senator Schaefer, we will take it from here.

CLARKESVILLE, Ga. – Former state Sen. Nancy Schaefer and her husband were found dead in their home in north Georgia and it is being investigating it as a possible murder-suicide, authorities said Friday.

Six GBI agents were at the home investigating at the request of the Habersham County Sheriff’s department, GBI spokesman John Bankhead said.

The preliminary investigation is looking at the case as a murder-suicide, but he did not have further details.


Schaefer, 73, exposed the corruption of CPS and their employees in 2007 and detailing the horrors she had discovered.


Already the mens rights are saying that its a conspiracy.  That because Nancy Schaefer likely died at the hands of POLICY.  Because she went against the grain and run out by the political arena…and I quote:

by those wishing to Cannibalize, and now, she is dead.  She went against the corruption,
and stood for actual human rights, costing the State BILLIONS in revenue.

Really?  Is it that simple enough to blame it on others when the person that killed Nancy was right in the same room as her?

Georgia investigators concluded that Bruce Schaefer, 74, shot his wife, former state Sen. Nancy Schaefer, once in the back in the bedroom and then shot himself in the head. Women and children are dying in a murder-suicide situation by a male perpetrator.  Domestic violence is not even spared for the elite nor is murder-suicide, the ultimate act of abuse.

The men rights groups should tread lightly on this story e.g. Glenn Sacks.  With the amount of media that has been watching these issues of family court, child custody, CPS and the like, your castle is crumbling.

The spirits and souls of the women and children that have left this earth have clung to our cause and we are entrusted to carry on the cause of exposing the corruptions that fall upon children and women.

They have not have died in vain.