Is it really hard to believe? I mean really? OR IS IT?!

Too bad Judge Lemkau had his head up his ass the day that he denied a restraining order for a psycho. A father who ended killing his son and himself in order to enact revenge on his former girlfriend who moved on.  The San Bernardino judge has BLOOD on his hands and people are taking a stance.

Many aren’t educated and many refused to listen to us protective mothers when we asked for similiar help in family court.  But NOT any more…..there WILL be justice for all!


The Three-Judges Fiasco. Judge Debra Harris, Judge J. David Mazurek, and Judge Robert Lemkau ignored in three separate instances the desperate petitions from Wyatt’s mother, Katie Tagle, for ‘Prevention of Domestic Violence’ and for an emergencyrestraining order that would have changed unsupervised visitations for Wyatt’s father (Tagle’s ex-boyfriend) Stephen Garcia into supervised visitations. But in December 2009, Harris deemed Tagle a liar and denied the petitions. In mid-January 2010, Mazurek followed suit.On January 21, Lemkau also deemed Tagle a liar and denied her petitions. In effect, there was no court hearing that day because the judge’s mind was closed. “Judge Lemkau not only ignored the fact that Mr. Garcia had made death threats against Ms. Tagle and her son by phone, e-mail, texts, suicide letters and even a short novel [‘Necessary Evil’], but he also told Ms. Tagle that she was lying,” wrote James Hosking on his website.

Ten days after Lemkau summarily dismissed Tagle, baby Wyatt was dead. Garcia shot his son on a lonely road in Twin Peaks California and then shot himself. The homicide and suicide were pre-meditated. Garcia himself created and assembled all the evidence of his premeditation long before he carried out his monstrous deeds.

The grain of good in the tragic end to a beautiful thriving baby boy. SB County Deputy District Attorney James Hosking is running for Superior Court Judge against Judge Robert Lemkau. Voters will decide between them on Election Day June 8, 2010. Hosking had not yet planned to run but after reading about Wyatt’s murder, he decided he would run ‘based in part upon being outraged by his [Lemkau’s] ruling that allowed this baby [Wyatt] to be murdered by his psychotic father’. “The People of San Bernardino County deserve a legal system that reviews all the evidence available and protects its citizens,” states Hosking on his website. Hosking received his Juris Doctorate from

Judge Lemkau was appointed the SB County Superior Court Judge in 2007 by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger when a new law opened new judicial seats in California. It is an ironic fact that Lemkau, before his judge appointment, was a prosecutor for the SB County District Attorney who for thirteen years concentrated on crimes against children.

Said Hosking, “After the recent tragic news that shattered the Tagle family last month, I knew in my heart that without a doubt I needed to commit to pursuing a seat in an effort to remove Judge Lemkau from the bench. It is time for change!” Contact James Hosking at ElectHosking@sbcglobal.net