Imagine if you will a story that a father tells regarding illicit contact with his daughter.

A story even MORE bizarre than a fish story.

In Fredicksburg, Virginia yesterday a Stafford man was sentenced to 22 years in prison for raping his 12 year old daughter.

Judge Charles Sharp handed down the sentence that a  jury had recommended in November.  The father was convicted of two counts each of rape, aggravated sexual battery, indecent liberties and incest.

The only reason this conduct came to light was after the child became pregnant.

In the fathers testimony he claimed he had passed out from drinking one night when he was awakened by someone in a white nightgown on top of him. He said he didn’t realize it was his daughter until the next morning, when he saw her wearing the nightgown.

Prosecutor Andrea McCauley argued that the father conocted the story because he feared that he had impregnated the child but DNA tests on the aborted fetus showed the actual father was the girl’s step-uncle.

According to the evidence presented by prosecutor Andrea McCauley, the girl, now 14, lived with her father in central Stafford from August 2007 until June of 2008. (I wonder who ordered that?)

The girl moved back to Georgia to be with her mother, who is divorced from the father. She was five months pregnant by the time the mother realized that something was amiss.

The girl later told Detective Chris Cameron that her father regularly molested her when she lived in Stafford. She claimed she hadn’t had sex with anyone else.

The DNA test proved otherwise. But by then, the child’s father had already made incriminating statements to police.

The father’s story to police was dubbed by Cameron as the “sex ninja story.”

The father maintained his innocence again yesterday.