According to several mens rights activists and groups men are abused more often than women. Yes, you heard me right…according to one of those fellas…

My ex-wife verbally, psychologically, and physically abused me over many years…..the first thing they did was send a Children’s Aid worker to my home to interview my wife.
So much for confidentiality. So not only did my wife know I had spoken to Family Services about the abuse so did her father. This led to my ex-father-in-law verbally harassing and threatening me.

Gee…so you put up with verbal, psychological and physical abuse for YEARS? Then you are complaining because an aid worker came to your house to investigate? Then on top of someone actually investigating the alleged abuse (more than we women get) you poor thing…your father in law started to abuse you too?

If this was a true allegation why not just leave? I mean that is what they tell women to do. By the way…stop your complaining about not having any shelters for you tools to go to…build one of your own! Ask Sacks or Holstein to help you out…maybe even Warren Farrell can unload some room in his house with his 1977 issues of Penthouse and let you stay with him…. mens rights…or just big ol pussies.

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