Do not doubt the quote from above…I have seen it first hand when my step father showed me that issue of Penthouse when I was 9 years old. This is a man who stands side by side by the filth that call themselves “Father Rights” or “Mens Rights” activists, which is a complete OXYMORON as men who have ALL the rights in the world to rape, murder, commit incest and every other unimaginable crimes against women and children want MORE rights? More importantly the organization known as “Fathers & Families” that is run by more MORONS stating:

“In a move that will change the course of the family court reform movement, Fathers & Families has just hired two experienced, accomplished legislative representatives.”

Who would ever endorse these pro-pedophiles?? A Pfizer bigwig (makers of Viagra) to push their legislative agenda (like they did in FL) Sorry Ballsacks and the rest of you schmucks…America and other countries will be educated on your sick agenda.