This is a repost from another BADASS blogger, Randi James…important information for anyone in California that has had to deal with a corrupt whore of the court, Janelle Burill. The intent of the blogging is to expose the corruption of family court everywhere. If we need to take down the corruption one official at a time so be it. Family court and it’s whores have underestimated the power of a woman….that was your first mistake among many that are coming…because payback IS a bitch…and a mother too.

Payback is a Bitch

I’d like to dedicate this to that special person that likes to Google their name and then get gag orders placed on bloggers:

The first step in exposing a corrupt MFT or LCSW is usually the filing of a complaint with BBS –

{ To : Enforcement Analyst Board of Behavioral Sciences 1625 North Market Blvd, Suite S200, Sacramento, CA 95834. Tel 916-574-7830 Ref : Fraud & Misconduct by Janelle Burrill LCS 16216 }

A small percent of valid complaints are investigated by the Boards enforcement analysts and actions taken. Serious misconduct that justifies revocation of license and requires further criminal investigation is sent to the Division of Consumer Affairs, Division of Investigation – They are tasked to conduct a detailed investigation and their findings with details are given back to the BBS for action. BBS sends the findings with evidence to the Attorney General’s office for prosecution along with either interim or permanent suspension orders.

There are many complaints against Burrill. Her perjury, fraudulent practices are exposed with evidence that she or her lawyer husband cannot hide, suppress any more. It is with law enforcement and the people who are supposed to protect consumers have seen and heard it. The complaint against Burrill is being actively investigated by a small team of senior investigators at the Division of Investigators since April 2009. Its been six months and they have uncovered necessary and sufficient evidence and are in the process of sending in their findings. If you are a victim – You can supplement their case and send your complaint with any factual evidence of Burrills fraud directly to the investigators – address below

{To : Senior Investigator, Department of Consumer Affairs

Division of Investigation, 444 North 3rd Street, Suite 201, Sacramento, CA 95811 Tel : 916-324-1497

Ref : Fraud & Misconduct by Janelle Burrill LCS 16216}

Burrill is exposed and her corrupt ways will end soon (Another couple of months). We are optimistic that her ability to harm California families especially children will end. All her prior reports and recommendations to the courts will be thrown out. Prepare yourself – The AG’s report on Burrill is public content and you can call BBS or DCA and get a copy to go back to the courts on any bull shit, fraud she served the courts in her career.

If you are in Sacramento or Placer County then you can send a letter to the District Attorney for their help as-well.

Jan Scully, Sacramento DA, 901 G Street, Sacramento, CA 95814

Bradford R Fenocchio, Placer County DA, 10810 Justice Center Drive, Suite #240, Roseville, CA 95678

Be optimistic, don’t give up – Lets get the facts in to the DCA investigators so we can see Burrill in handcuffs for Christmas