Anyone dealing with or has dealt with family court corruption knows what terrors fill the heart of Mothers and especially those that were abused.

There are many ‘leaders’ out there that may say “follow me” and I will help you but yet they will ultimately be the ones profiting off of the pain of others by writing books, using your inner precious light for their own gains.

Do not allow these false profits to line their coffers for their own benefit and gains. With all of those out here that have a story to tell…tell it yourself!

Tell your story of how you were abused not only by the father of your children but by the whole system too.

The more people that expose this corruption and be your own media by blogging…because Oprah hasn’t called back….don’t count on any one organization or advocate to be your Savior, be your own Savior…because if you don’t no one else can do it for you. Just as NO one will advocate better for your child than their Mother. That is what females do, we grow babies in our bodies, we care for them, we protect them. Nobody loves your children more than you do.

Be the wind for change…..and NOT for profiting off others pain.

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