What minor’s counsel does not want you to hear

Remember Maija? She is the young girl we heard on YouTube, crying and begging her attorney Ruth Estep, pleading not to be forced to live with her father.

Ms. Estep, appointed by the court, said the judge did not listen to a word she said. But listen to this YouTube video that dramatizes the testimony in court by Ms. Estep after the tearful plea from her client.

I have heard, but not seen any order or transcript, that Tonya Pinkins is required to remove all copies of the tape from the internet. This perplexes me. My understanding is that tapes cannot be used as evidence against a person if made without consent, but the actual taping is not a violation of law. And even if criminal charges cannot be brought against Ms. Estep, shouldn’t the court rethink its appointment of an attorney who does not seem to be representing her client?