I stopped watching “The View” years ago…before the obnoxious Elizabeth Hasselbeck. I almost started watching it when Rosie came on board but then again was too painful to watch a grown woman be bullied by the annoying, right wing, baby making machine that they still pay to be on that show…ugh.

It wasn’t just that person in particular that annoyed me it was their whole “View” on everything…which is not the “VIEW” of all women as they seem to tout themselves as being. After the Rosie O’Donnell debacle and spectacle that Barbara Wawa took NO ownership over…she brought in “Whoopi”.

The one an only “Sister Act” that came into America’s heart as a maverick…speaker of the truth..that is until last week when my heart stopped as I watched her say that Roman Polanski didn’t commit “Rape Rape”.

HUH? Not only were her words and verbiage dangerous to women but to 13 year old girls that may go through the same situation as the Polanski victim and think..well..it wasn’t “Rape Rape”.

This has only solidified my VIEW that Ms. Walters and her crew need to get another view. They do no justice for women or children for that matter.

Their VIEWS are slanted, tainted and just as fucked up as a man forcing himself upon a 13 year old in any shape of form.

It’s unfortunate that Ms. Goldberg doesn’t realize that Polanski is a pedophile “poster boy” and has been for years. He never did any time, he went on the lam…still made movies, won awards, and now he’s caught and Hollywood is in an uproar? The real VIEW of women is that if he did nothing wrong, no rape rape then why run? Why not “man up” and face your “alleged” crime?

Fuck you Whoopi…and your little view too.