Anyone that doubts that women get treated like shit in court will have their eyes opened to this. It appears that Judge Jerkoff is as reprehensible as any Family/Divorce Court Judge I’ve had the “pleasure” of meeting.


Lawyer Says Judge Masturbated at Hearing, Carried Out Vendetta When She

By JOE HARRISKANSAS CITY, Kan. (CN) – A district court judge appeared to be

masturbating and used foul language during a divorce mediation, an attorney

claims in Federal Court. The attorney claims Judge Kevin P. Moriarty’s

actions were so offensive even her estranged husband complained about it

during their divorce trial.

Kimberly Ireland claims that while mediating, Judge Kevin P. Moriarty

tried to discuss her underwear and her sex life, though neither was relevant

to the divorce matter. And she claims that “Moriarty appeared to be

masturbating during the mediation..”

Ireland says that Moriarty’s actions were so outrageous that her
estranged husband Kevin testified about them at the divorce trial.
Ireland says she filed a complaint about Moriarty’s behavior on Oct. 3,
2007 with the Kansas Commission on Judicial Qualifications.
In response to her complaint, she says, Moriarty launched his own
investigation into her private life and discussed her with the judge
presiding over her divorce case and with the opposing counsel.
Ireland claims Moriarty used his power to influence her divorce
proceeding, to start an ethical investigation of her and to have court
personnel write false letters to the commission attacking her and claiming
that Moriarty did nothing wrong.
On Nov. 15, 2007, the Kansas Commission on Judicial Qualifications
filed an ethical complaint against Ireland, claiming she made false
accusations about Moriarty, though it never conducted an investigation into
her claims, according to her complaint.

Ireland said Attorney Edward Byrne, at Moriarty’s request, filed a
complaint with the commission against her on Dec. 12, 2007.
Moriarty served as an investigator for the Kansas Disciplinary
Administrator for 15 years and serves on the Tenth Judicial District
Judicial Nominating Commission that appoints Johnson County District Court
. The Johnson County Board of Commissioners is named as a defendant
because it was put on notice of Moriarty’s actions, but allegedly took no
Ireland says she suffered loss of income, reputation, inconvenience,
insult, mental distress, embarrassment, humiliation, anxiety and emotional
pain and suffering as a result of Moriarty’s actions. She seeks punitive