“Hey! My name’s Tony and I wanted to to let you in on a how you can make your child a mess and get back at the kids mother, all you got to do is accuse them of PAS…that’s right Parental Alienation Syndrome, a.k.a. “brainwashing”.

Don’t worry that it was invented by a total loon and pro-pedophile, Dr. Richard Gardner, who wound up offing himself by stabbing himself…a lot.

Don’t even fuss about the fact that PAS is not even accepted by any mental health care provider worth their salt anyways….hehehe If you think you might be a victim of PAS or your kids were or are a victim of PAS, or wait a minute, you’re the victim, but then the kids are the victim too, no, okay, you’re the victim but the child is the TRUE victim…yeah…that’s the ticket….fool me twice, shame on you…ah, you get it.

Please take the below quiz to find out if one of yous guys is a victim.

Question 1 Are you an Asshole?

Question 2 Does or did more than one person have a restraining order against you?

Question 3 Do/did you hit your wife/girlfriend?

Question 4 Do/did you hit your wife/girlfriend?

If you answered yes to any of these questions…then congratulations!

You have PAS or your kid does…doesn’t matter….somebody has it and your lawyer, the judge, the guardian ad litem and other court whores are going to profit from it and your kids are seriously going to hate you for accusing their mother of it, but they already do anyways don’t they?

BTW….if you can’t spell “brainwashing” or use the word “brainsmashing” instead of using the correct word…you probably shouldn’t use it at all.