Angels, Duncan & Jack

A Mothers worst nightmare came true the day her ex-husband didn’t return their two sons, Duncan & Jack, back to their Mother Amy Leichtenberg.

In fact this mother had tried tirelessly to protect them, as we all do from abusive men. This case is not rare, in fact the increasing court ordered abuse is causing children to placed in danger by their father makes the news on a daily basis.

The justice system failed this family and now two little boys are taken forever from their Mother because the abuser knew that was the one thing that would hurt the Mother the most…this is their modus operandi, it’s the ultimate act of control, which is what an abuser does best.

Today Susan Murphy-Milano talks with Amy Leichtenberg about her tragedy from March. Don’t miss this important show can help others see the warning signs and how to protect yourself against your abuser and Family Court. Most importantly we need to learn how we can hold accountable the Judge and any other person(s) affiliated with the court ordered murder. A law should be in place so that other children will never part from their Mother, for ANY reason.

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