Two little girls ages 5 and 8 have literally had their lives turned upside down in the last 87 hours since their mother Suzan Annette Sowlers-Fuller and Grandmother Sharon Sue Cannon were killed, before their eyes.
The very system that was supposed to protect their mother and grandmother likely aided in their murders when they failed to upgrade the case and properly charge the estranged husband.
In those 87 hours the girls have lost their in what I refer to as their “country.” A place where they each learned to ride their first horse. Where the girls learned how to roller skate down the drive-way, they each played their first game of hopscotch. At night their mom would read them a bedtime story, they would say their prayers and then Suzan or Annette as she liked to be called would kiss her daughters goodnight.
In a matter of moments, gone. They can never return, because, their warm safe world, has vanished. Since Saturday they have been whisked from strange beds, to people with badges to interviews with forensic investigators, appearances in court and questions from strangers who are unable to tell the girls why their mommy is dead.
The order of protection is a document to track the abuse, nothing more. Leading experts are commenting that these cases do not often end in murder when a victim obtains a court order. Well perhaps those experts need to examine these cases a bit closer. Many women do not obtain a court order for fear of being killed. A woman for numerous reasons decides on various factors usually not disclosed to others that prevents her from seeking assistance. It is more of a damn if you do and damn if you do not decision on the part of each victim.
On The Susan Murphy Milano show, we will discuss the various obstacles highlighting this tragedy in hopes that those listening will learn what direction they need to take when faced with imminent danger. This is also a case of “maternal deprivation abuse” that ended in murder. Simply, the father and killer hijacked the children from their mother. We will be joined on the show by Claudine Dombrowski a leading expert in the area of motherswithout custody. And a we will be joined by a close relative and friend who was in daily contact with both women who died.