I try not to get into the habit of giving any of the father rights idiots anymore attention, but then I think about all the people that need to be educated on the blatant misogyny that Glenn Sacks and his minions bathe in.

In a recent post on Glenn Sacks rag “Mens Daily News” he confesses that,

“I posed as a male victim of domestic violence and called every domestic violence shelter in all of Los Angeles and San Diego counties.”

Isn’t it illegal to prank call?

According to Sacks,

“Not a single one would accept me or offer assistance, with the exception of Valley Oasis. Most flatly refused any assistance at all, but a couple did offer me space in a homeless shelter.” Apparently Sacks cares not for the women that may be stalked there and an ex may pretend he’s abused to gain entrance? All those calls must have put all residents and staff on high alert, how awful to be stressed more.

Mr. Sacks must be confused about a lot of things, mainly his gender. Sacks goes on to say when he asks them “Am I supposed to take my children to a homeless shelter?”

If you TRULY are a abused man allegedly with children and you are escaping an abuser a homeless shelter seems like the safest place to be.

But this is the typical trash from a man that makes you wonder how he treats other women in his life, wife, mother, sister or child?

The world according to these father rights activists is that feminism destroyed their lives.

They want you to believe that men are abused equally if not MORE than women but yet they do NOTHING to get their OWN shelters for the throngs of men who get their ass whipped by their women. Women and men saw a need and they built shelters for women with their children a safe haven from abusers.

The intention was clear, if your men group needs to have some place to go after they get raped by their wives after a night of boozing it up….build a male sexual abuse shelter!

If one of your brethren gets his face shoved into the carpet because he didn’t do ALL the dishes…by all means build that man a place to live.

IF he gets a baby bottle “tossed” at his face (while he’s holding a baby) then I say build a SHELTER! Instead of blaming shelters and everyone else for your problems do something about it!




4 thoughts on “SILENCE OF THE ASS

  1. Is this a real person ? What MAN would phone a WOMAN’s shelter ? Can he not read ? Does he/it not comprehend that women and men are DIFFERENT ???? Will he ask for a hysterectomy next ?

    A MAN ? did this ? How puerile. Teenagers sometimes think it is funny to phone up- an inappropriate place-

    I thought this was a netmyth-or an urban myth- but- this is an actual adult human ??? Yikes ! I am sure the police who are driving a bashed up woman to a shelter would-appreciate the phone line being busy because of a prankster – –

    Maybe he heard that some shelters can take pets- so- was hoping for a doghouse out back ???

    As for the question- “would you fuck me ?” My answer- you could not pay me enough-” anyway- I figured it was a self serve guy- oh- of course- I just realized- his working hand is inoperable- too much dialing. Carpel tunnel type problem.

    Some places have fines for inappropriate 911 dialing- he had better be careful- or- tell me this is just an urban fairy tail. Sorry- tale.

    He needs to hang a sign on himself- or have it tattoed on his forehead- Out of Order.

  2. I’m laughing so hard I can barely type!

    Have y’all seen the August issue of O Magazine? Oprah’s finally getting why women don’t leave abusive relationships.

    One of the many factoids in the article is that between 1976 and 2005, DV murders of women went down by only 26% while murders of men went down a whopping 75%.

    30% of murdered women are killed by an intimate partner.

    The article also extensively recounts how men manipulate the system as an instrument of abuse.

  3. Maybe I’m mistaken, but didn’t he say “domestic violence shelters” not “women’s shelters?” I would object to him calling women’s shelters and being miffed and his being rebuked… …but he did call places meant for all victims of this scourge and as such was treated differently because of his sex.

    If someone is treated differently because of their gender, a true feminist takes exception to that, I’d think.

  4. “Oh…you are mistaken and I never purported myself to be a “feminist” I am a MATERNALIST who believes that men like Glenn Ball Sacks do not need to waste time on seeing if a shelter would take him and his pretend children in.

    If the men that are abused need those shelters they should BUILD one….just as the “feminists” and all other humane people that realized the need for shelters for women.

    I personally take exception to your comment defending a man who admittidly lied to shelters and possibly could have put REAL victims at risk by abusing the time of Domestic Violence shelters/advocates. BTW…stick to your forum on how to pick up women, you really need it. http://www.theattra ctionforums. com/newbie- discussion- forum/79897- wings-starting- madison-wi. html”

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