Good News For 2-Mo Old Child Abuse Victim

Updated 6/26/2009 9:35:29 PM
Posted By: Kevin Rowson
Casey Todd, 27, charged with sexually assaulting his 2-mo. old daughter.
CARROLL COUNTY, GA — The Carroll County Sheriff Office says a 2-month old baby who was sexually molested and battered by her father, has been released from the hospital. Chief Deputy Brad Robinson says “The baby is expected to make a full recovery.” Robinson says the baby is in the custody of the Department of Family and Children Services.
The baby suffered a fractured skull and a broken leg. Casey Todd, 27, of Carroll County was charged with Aggravated Child Molestation, Aggravated Battery and First Degree Child Cruelty. He was arrested on June 15th. Six days prior to the alleged abuse, the baby’s mother talked about her concerns for how her husband was treating the baby on-line.

On, the baby’s mother expressed her concerns about her daughter’s well-being. Atlanta’s web site is owned and run by 11Alive’s parent company Gannett.

We are not identifying the mother or her daughter for their protection.

On June 9th the mother wrote: “Help me please my daughter is not even two months and she’s has already had little bruises on her arms and legs and back. Her daddy is really rough with her. And every time he picks her up she screams and don’t stop.”

“I’ve talked to him and told him if I seen one more bruise on her he’s gone and he’s doing much better with her, but she still screams, I still think he hurts her but I don’t see anything.”

But one day later the mother backed off the serious nature of her first post and wrote: “Well I think he’s just a little rough with her. There not like blue or black bruises but there little red ones. I know he’s not doing it on purpose.”

“I asked the doctor if she bruises easy and she said its possible.”

“Thanks for everything everybody I really appreciate it.”

The Carroll County Sheriff Office says Todd’s own mother questioned how her son treated his daughter, but said she never would have expected what allegedly happened.

On the same day the baby’s mother posted her concerns, she also entered her husband into a photo contest on the moms like me website. The baby’s mother posted a picture of Todd holding his baby daughter. The mother called him “The greatest dad ever.”