Domestic Violence experts and advocates all advise women that if you are in an abusive relationship, get out! The other side to that coin is that when you bounce back from an abusive relationship with the intent on making a new life with your children be forewarned, the Family Court system is not your friend.

In some counties the Judges will not even consider any domestic violence evidence. A Judge in Family Court in Australia is quoted as:

“Whether in fact there was on one side allegations of domestic violence and abuse or whether the applicant was in any way involved in extra marital affairs does not in any way concern me.” Judge Bell

This is just one more slap in the face for an abused woman. Family Court cares not for you or your children, they care for money and boy what money they get! (see Father Hood post). Judges give their friends, GAL’s, Psychologists and Attorneys business.

Lesson One

How Guardian Ad Litems work…

An Oconto County WI Family Court Commissioner, Frank Calvert has consistently appointed attorney, Aaron Krzewinski as a GAL in cases that come before him. What does this mean? Well..for starters this means that Mr. Krzewinski will get at least $2500 for his duties. His duties will allegedly include talking to both parties, the children, family members, school officials, you name it. Now depending on who filed first and IF the father wants a substantial change in placement will depend on how Mr. Krzewinski will make his recommendations.

Five out of five parents that had Mr. Krzewinski as their children’s GAL stated that he had little if no contact with the children. In fact one child wished to speak to this GAL and was refused so the 11 yr old took a cab from his home for five minutes with “his” attorney. The child was amidst a custody dispute where the father wished to retain sole custody and move them out of the country. This child expressed to the attorney that he did not want to leave America, neither did his older austistic brother, both wanted to stay with their mother. The recommendations of the GAL was that the children were to move with their father due to the fact that the father was offering to fly the GAL twice a year to the foreign country to “check” on the children. Luckily the attorney for the mother proved to be worth his salt and objected to such a blatant use of bribery and a new level of corruption.

Now back to the GAL and his fees, like I said $2500 is usually the minimum deposit for his “hard” work. Then you’ll get an itemized bill that will have his phone calls, faxes, emails and other various GAL duties that he’s done. But wait, what’s this? He talked to you once and your ex abuser ten times? But I’m not solely picking on Mr. Krzewinski, he’s not the only useless prick out there in Guardian Ad Litem-land. He is among other of corrupt Family Court officials that do not have the best interests of children at heart but rather their bank accounts and wallets instead.

These stories and more is what has made the new breed of women that have rose from the ashes. We are the monsters that you created. We know that they can’t teach you ethics, morals or even to tell the truth in law school but as long as we have freedom of speech, your deceptions will be uncovered.