“Father Rights” groups are gearing up in trying to get people to believe they are biased against in Family Courts, especially for “Father’s Day”

Their agenda is that they have no agenda…they mold their views to align with their views...or a as a fellow blogger succinctly put it..

Child abuse doesn’t exist, or if it does exist, it’s for the good of the child (discipline you know), but if it’s not proper fatherly disclipline and it’s child abuse, only moms do it. Any questions? (Abandon logic all ye who enter here)”

The year 2009 hasn’t been too good for the Father Righters to get their point across since the countless of murders of children and estranged women.  One hell bent father has written about an Ol’ School deadbeat dad.

In 1927, Samuel W. Reid apparently refused to pay his child support a.k.a. alimony he stated he “would not pay to have HIS child with the evil ex wife”.

Which is how these men operate, the same as they did in the relationship, they are angry. They stalk their ex wives, girlfriends and even us bloggers who are mothers that tell the truth about Family Court. They call us nasty names, leave nasty comments and lie. But at the end of the day I laugh when I think of their little worlds crumbling with each murder, each arrest and each expose….Goodnight boys.