When I am asked where I get my determination, strength and guts. I tell them I was doomed from the start. I was a child of an unwed mother in 1968 and a had Grandmother who could get the attention of President Kennedy and fought for my Grandfather’s disability and got it.

Just as our President,  growing up with thoughts of heroes and dreams and having no “biological” father’s influence, I had dreams too. In my childhood I watched women burning their bras on TV, women picketing for abortion rights and all the others that they would make a difference.

Here I am almost 41 years old and the ERA is still not passed.

Mr. President women are dying in increasing amounts due to lack of protection by police, courts, social services and various other government agencies and shelters.

Mr. President literally thousands of mothers are losing custody to abusers in Family Court. We are being stalked by the abuser we finally got the courage to leave and we pay dearly. We lose our most precious gifts, our children. Our children are suffering at the hands of abusive men who physically, emotionally and even sexually abuse their children. Family Courts are giving our abusers access to us by way of “Shared Parenting” or “Equal Parenting”, it doesn’t work. Then when abusive men lose control, just as we’ve seen recently with killings of women and children, abusive men lash out. I ask you to please look at VAWA, Responsible Fatherhood Intiatives and other programs that punish women for being “maternal” and protecting their children. We are not necessarily “Feminists” we are “Maternalists” and we want our children safe and happy, as any Mother would.

This may be just the first warning call to our President but it should be well understood that this call to action to my President is truth, faithful, honest and humbly requested…….NOW.

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