It is Springtime on April 17, 2009 in Grand Chute Wisconsin.

10:44am and police are dispatched to 909 E. Edgewood Drive.

When they arrive they find two women lying in the driveway and Scott  E. Schmidt standing above them with a handgun still filled with ammunition.

The abuser walked from his place of employment, Appleton Fire Department where he was a Lieutenant. Schmidt had problems, in fact,  Appleton Mayor Tim Hanna says city leaders knew that Scott Schmidt was unstable before Friday’s shooting. The mayor says that Schmidt was referred to counseling.

All the signs were there but it was too late, Kelly and her mother, Barbara Wing, were both shot with a handgun in her driveway in Grand Chute, across the road from Fox Valley Lutheran High School. Kelly died several hours from a head wound. Her mother was treated at a local hospital and released the same day. Although this Spring day could have turned into a double homicide it didn’t. It is the opinion of this author that if the abuser was a real man he should have done the right thing and used the gun on himself and no one else.

This is the beginning of the reform that Wisconsin needs for abused women and their abusers. I have taken the responsibility to make sure that nobody forgets this crime and that the abuser is held accountable for his actions.

I will make this my mission, this is why I fight.

My heart pours out to Barbara Wing and I hope that she will find the strength, courage and love to join our cause and make our legislators aware of the epidemic of murders by estranged partners.


Enough is Enough!