GRAHAM, Wash. – A father fatally shot five of his children in their mobile home and then took his own miserable life after he found out his wife was leaving him, according to a Sheriff spokesman.

The five bodies of James Harrison’s children were found on Saturday in Graham WA. Earlier that day, they found James Harrison dead of a self-inflicted gunshot, behind the wheel of his car in Auburn, about 18 miles north of Graham.

Sound familiar yet? It should. Less than a week ago a different father did the same thing to his two boys and took his life. Fathers losing control over their families and killing.

Authorities haven’t released the family’s name, but relatives have identified them as the Harrisons.

According to Pierce county deputies, four of the chidren were shot in their beds and the fifth was shot int he bathroom.

On Sunday, the mobile home where the five children ages 7 to 16 were slain became a makeshift memorial as neighbors left cards and bouquets of flowers. School officials said they were making arrangements to have grief counselors available when teachers and students returned to school.

Carolyn and Raymond Bader, a former neighbor of the family, told The Seattle Times they often heard the father yelling at the children. The Baders said they called the sheriff’s department and Child Protective Services several times with their concerns.

“We did all we could to help these kids,” Raymond Bader said. “We tried to protect these kids. We did what we could.”

Candy Johnson, an aunt of the mother, described Harrison as a strict, controlling husband and father who didn’t allow his wife to make decisions without asking him first.

“My niece has been so controlled from the time she was young,” Johnson said, adding that Harrison had impregnated the mother when she was 13.

A neighbor, Sherre Lund, who lives in the mobile home park, signed a community notebook left in from of the family’s house. She wrote: “God Bless the five little ones. God bring peace to Mom.”

Copycat killings? Or something even more sinister?