Ms. Pigg, irresponsible, biased journalist


In light of the deaths of the LEICHTENBERG boys the same players that continue to ignore and report the correct facts and issues in the media, we will expose the truth since you cannot.

Our Family Court system MUST look at the High Risk Factors which include:

The alleged abuser is male. Statistically, more than 90% of murder-suicide cases are perpetrated by men against women.

The parties were married or a close equivalent. Statistically, most of these cases involve the man’s perceived loss of family and home, however in recent years, formal marriage as a factor has been declining.

The man is significantly older than the woman. Statistically in these cases, the male perpetrator averages 6.3 years older than a female victim; the woman is in the 20 to 35-year-old range.

The woman has made the decision to leave the man; there is a threat of separation even if it has not yet occurred.

The woman has a child in the home who is not the man’s biological child. This may be related to sexual jealousy. (A significant portion of cases do not fit this pattern, however, so again, caution should be taken that the absence of a risk factor does not create unwarranted perception of lesser risk. Not enough is known about weighting the various factors under different circumstances.)

The man has had depressed episodes or suicide ideation, or currently is depressed. Statistically (as we might guess), depression is more likely to be present in murder-suicide cases than in the cases of murder without the perpetrator’s suicide. Of particular note, the man has made threats to kill either himself or the woman or children.

There is a history of physical abuse, particularly choking. For this purpose “history” should not be limited to adjudicated history, or any other “history that has come to the attention of authorities.” In too many of the news articles we read, the neighbors and friends express “surprise”.

There is a history alleged of psychological abuse. Of particular note are attempts at controlling behaviors and sexual jealousy, even without demonstrable physical abuse (verbal abuse, accusations, spying, stalking).

The man is unemployed or under-employed, chronically or recent job loss or reversal.

The man has abused alcohol (drunk episodes, not necessarily diagnosed alcoholic), or used illegal drugs.

The man has or can get access to a hand gun.