Many articles have been published in major media, on-line news and commentary sites such as WorldNetDaily, WomensENews and professional an advocacy sites including National Organization for Women.

Victims should know that fathers rights’ movement and Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS) were created by a ring of judges to stir-up domestic litigation and use that litigation as a extortion/protection scheme against vulnerable women who are worried about the safety of their children. Abusive men are given “protection” in exchange for their cooperation in non-stop profitable litigation activity.

While the articles below are good reviews of what is wrong with “PAS” none of them touch on the most compelling error in the PAS methodology model, which is – it purports to be a method for identifying instances of one parent alienating a child from the other parent. However, the PAS authors do not describe any child (or mother) behavior which could be labeled an alienated conduct. Instead, their entire focus is on something else – sex acts with children. A mother’s complaints against the father for sexual activity with the child, is the sole criteria for the author’s strong condemnations against the mother for causing the child to be alienated from the father. The PAS authors believe a child is made to fear the fathers’ sexual activities, when absent the complaint everything would be fine. Nothing is said about what factors would constituent a valid sex abuse complaint. All the reactions by the mother which they label as “alienating” are normal reactions to discovering her child was being abused.

Additional discrediting factors are: Gardner/Underwager analysis model has no identifying factors for a truly “false” allegation. The sum of their writings really say, is that the mother should keep her mouth shut and not interfere because there is really nothing wrong with sex between fathers and children. The only real harm occurs when the mother makes the child think there is something wrong with the sex activity. The fact that hundreds of people have read, absorbed and endorsed the Gardner / Underwager sex theories gives evidence to how many sex perverts (both male and female) there are in our society. Furthermore, the fact that hundreds more have read and critically reacted to their pro-incest writings but haven’t labeled them for what they really are – is an indication of how fearful the rest of society is about violating taboos against acknowledging grown men actually do have sex with their own children and are proud of it. Even the most outspoken critics of PAS can not bring themselves to say publicly what they all should know is obvious – that Gardner, Underwager, Farrell and their fathers rights followers are a bunch of sex perverts. The bottom line is that subject of incest is still very much a social taboo and the incest crowd knows this and plays on this social taboo to its own advantage hiding behind “parental alienation” and other cover theories to keep their critics distracted. Even worse this crowd has taken matters one step further and made incest (under the cover of alienation and visitation interference) an official government social program, under the guise of helping fathers see and have good relations with their children.

Never underestimate the ability of a government bureaucrats to play dumb about other peoples’ problems and exploit it to the hilt in the name of helping those people.

Articles published in Washington Times by NAFCJ leader Liz Richards describe these factor in more detail:
Washington Times | April 2006 |”The other side of fathers’ rights controversy”
Washington Times | April 2008 | “Parental rights and wrongs”
Article published in Northern Virginia community newspaper in 2003, and posted on French Canadian site.
“Program produces mother less kids” by Liz Richards

Kinsey-Sexual deviancy expert, Judith Reisman has written frequently on this topic for WorldNewsDaily, going back to a 1999 article in which she mentions Liz Richards and NAFCJ – Texas activist, Jan Barstow.
Reisman was the source of the PAIDIKA article which exposed Ralph Underwager pro-pedophilia opinions.
Dr. Judith Reisman
WorldNetDaily: Child custody for sex offenders / April 1999
WorldNetDaily: Child abuse and child custody- March 1999
WorldNetDaily News Archives: Judith Reisman

Leadership Council, founded by psychological professionals, has done extensive work researching PAS.
The Leadership Council: What is Parental Alienation Syndrome
The Leadership Council – Homepage
Leadership Council / Dr. Joy Silberg
The Leadership Council – Articles on Abuse and Custody

Leadership Council member, Stephanie Dallam, has written some of the best articles exposing Gardner & PAS as pro-incest. Look for the section titled “Therapy for the Mother”, in which Gardner offers the disgusting advice to therapists treating an “incest” family. Gardner says the mother should be encouraged to use a vibrator so the father won’t have to seek sex from his daughter. Most of what Gardner writes actually justifies incest and blames the problem on the mother or the victimized child. This is the basis of “PAS” and the strongest reason why PAS is not valid.
Stephanie Dallam: “Parents losing custody to abusers”

(courtesy of Liz Library)