Survey? We Don’t Need a Stinking Survey!

Every day in my inbox I get “Google” alerts for various keywords. The one that never fails to produce is Domestic Violence and Murder-Suicides. Well this weekend we had a fair share of both, between the univited guest who killed 4 at a party and then another who killed and nearly killed a child.

Every day the FR groups come up with some ridiculous statistic that women are more likely to kill or that even with a statistic from a parenting magazine they claim that men are the ones that do the brunt of the child rearing and responsibilities.

The problem that the Father Rights groups have is that those Google alerts every day in my inbox bring me VIOLENT men NOT women. Sorry Mr. Ball Sacks, your credibility of you and your organization is becoming the biggest joke (not even to mention the F4J fools) and until my inbox shows me different we will have unlimited material for years. Too bad the women and children have to suffer for it.

Child dies, another hurt in domestic violence

Sara K. Clarke | Sentinel Staff Writer
March 16, 2009

Miguel Alejandro Torres-Delarosa

Police say Miguel Alejandro Torres-Delarosa nearly strangled his two-year-old child to death. (March 15, 2009)

A Lakeland toddler died and another boy was nearly choked to death in two domestic-violence incidents in Central Florida during the weekend.

Lakeland police said they arrested 32-year-old Matthew Robert Wyrosdick on Sunday in the aggravated manslaughter of a child after he admitted he violently shook his 17-month-old nephew and repeatedly dropped the child on the floor.

Wyrosdick initially told authorities the boy fell from a Fisher-Price picnic table Thursday and hit his head, but a doctor said the child’s injuries didn’t match the story his uncle told.

The toddler, Zachary Johnson, was pronounced clinically brain dead at Tampa General Hospital. An autopsy showed that his injuries were consistent with “shaken baby syndrome or a blow from an offender,” but a medical examiner said he could not officially determine the cause of death without further investigation, according to an arrest affidavit.

Palm Bay police said another child nearly died Friday when his father choked him with a belt after the 2-year-old soiled his diaper right after he had been changed.

Miguel Alejandro Torres-Delarosa, 23, told the child’s mother he didn’t know why the boy’s eyes were swollen or why he had marks around his neck. The mother brought the child to the emergency room, where doctors confirmed that he had been choked or strangled.

Torres-Delarosa is being held at the Brevard County Detention Center without bail on charges of attempted murder and aggravated child abuse.

These and other domestic-violence incidents involving children are a concern for authorities and children’s advocates. Last year in Orange County alone, at least four children were killed. In 2007, more than 6,800 children wound up living in domestic-violence shelters in Florida.

The recession’s effect on domestic violence is significant. Escalating unemployment and foreclosure rates add extra strain on relationships that already may be volatile. One of the leading risk factors for violence, according to national research, is whether the batterer is jobless — as authorities said Wyrosdick was.

Wyrosdick was arrested and taken to the Lakeland Police Department after he was videotaped while showing police how his nephew was injured. He said he was angry at Zachary for not sitting down at the picnic table. He said he shook the boy violently, causing his head to snap back and forth. He put the boy violently back in his seat and the child fell from the picnic table, striking his head on a coffee table.

Wyrosdick said he shook him a second time before he grabbed the child by his arm and walked quickly toward the front door, striking the toddler’s head on a railing twice during the process. He then demonstrated how he dropped him three times on the floor, shook him again and dropped him again, Lakeland police said.

Police say Miguel Alejandro Torres-Delarosa nearly strangled his two-year-old child to death. (March 15, 2009)
Police say Miguel Alejandro Torres-Delarosa nearly strangled his two-year-old child to death. (March 15, 2009)

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