A Fish Tale

This one's for you Craig!
This one's for you Craig!

A father named, Craig, has won a “Father of the Year” Award. Craig couldn’t be with us to accept this award because his stupid ass is hiding out from the authorities.

A few weeks back this father caught a large fish. He decided that this fish was such a prize that he decided to keep alive in his 100 gallon fish tank in his home until the local fishing contests were coming up in a few weeks.
That weekend finally came and this wonderful dad had his daughter with him. He came up with a wonderful idea…he decided that he would enter the fish under his daughters name. First he wanted to make sure he was going to get away with it so he started out a small fishing contest in a small town. Eureka! She won $25 with the fish that she didn’t catch! How proud he was.
He then decided to go for the big time. He packed up the fish and the child and headed to the big fishing contest in the bigger city. Dear ol’ Dad signed her up and she again won but this time $100 was prize. Dad was so thrilled that he told daughter that if she didn’t tell anybody about his scam that when he had the money, he would buy her an ipod.
Needless to say, Daddy Dearest got caught in his web of lies and deceit and is facing several thousand of dollars in fines for transferring a fish (one count for each time he moved the fish) and also for keeping a fish alive. Oh and the ipod….yeah…the little girl didn’t get it because Daddy is a liar, cheat and con man.

Stay tuned because there is so many of you useless bastards out there I will have material for years…..


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