Killer Canadian Fathers

Reposez-vous dans de petits anges de paix, Olivier et Anne-Sophie, votre mère ne vous oubliera jamais.

Rest in peace little angels, Olivier and Anne-Sophie, your Mother will never forget you.


Quebec father charged with murdering two children

Canwest News Service Published: Tuesday, February 24, 2009

SAINT-JEROME, Que. — A 36-year-old doctor from Quebec’s Laurentians was charged with first-degree murder in the deaths of his two children Tuesday even though he was unable to appear in court in person. Police discovered the bodies of the children, Olivier Turcotte, 5, and his sister Anne-Sophie Turcotte, 3, Saturday in a house that Guy Turcotte was renting. Dr. Turcotte remained in stable condition at a Montreal hospital while charges were filed against him by prosecutor Claudia Carbonneau at the Saint-Jerome courthouse, north of Montreal. “He is under detention, but in hospital,” Ms. Carbonneau told reporters. A custody dispute between the children’s parents, both doctors, could be involved in the incident in the father’s home in Piedmont, a Laurentian town 65 kilometres north of Montreal. A concerned relative of Dr. Turcotte’s asked police to check the doctor’s house after the doctor failed to show up at a scheduled event. Police paid the home a visit, rang the bell, but got no answer. They entered the house through a window and discovered the bodies. Investigators were waiting for the green light from medical staff before questioning the father. Dr. Turcotte rented the house two months ago and had a shared custody arrangement with his estranged wife, an emergency department physician. She lives in the same area. She was skiing when her children’s bodies were discovered. Both she and her husband worked at Hotel Dieu hospital in Saint-Jerome, said Francois Therrien, the hospital’s executive director, who declined to give the wife’s name. Her husband had worked his usual shift on Friday and colleagues noted “no outward signs” of distress last week, Mr. Therrien said. A mixture of revulsion, shock and sadness among doctors and nurses at Hotel-Dieu resulted in the medical staff requesting that Turcotte be transferred to Hopital Sacre-Coeur in Montreal rather than be treated there. Dr. Turcotte was last reported in stable condition in hospital after suffering from a medication overdose. Quebec provincial police Sgt. Marc Butz said autopsies on the children have yet to be completed. He also said police do not plan to divulge how the children were killed. No plea was entered, as the case has yet to be transferred to Superior Court, but Dr. Turcotte will remain in police custody even if he is released from hospital before his next court date, scheduled for April 30. Montreal Gazette

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